HB521-Mosquito larvae, KHam, SMJ, and Lynn flat off, space talk

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Lively call with SMJ on Sputnick. Nothing gets people going like the flat earth. 

Is the Kennedy clan America’s first royal LARPING family? 

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2 thoughts on “HB521-Mosquito larvae, KHam, SMJ, and Lynn flat off, space talk

  1. John le Bon

    I am about two-thirds of the way through. Chris Kendall deserves to be paid for putting up with this kind of nonsense. Then again, perhaps he ought to temporarily suspend the dogmatic fools who take advantage of his airtime generosity. What a shit-show.

  2. willard

    Sean vs. Chris, Lynn, and kham…Now I know why Sean voluntarily chose to be underemployed as a landscaper. I am too old for landscaping perhaps uf I find a job as a nightwatchman at an abandoned mine I will find relief as sean has.

    Thanks Sean for being patient and explaining the results of your studies.


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