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POM on Pulse

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Good review of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting hoax. I think Mark agrees the shooter is a sim.

I liked this particular hopeful message:

You might ask why – why do they fake these events? The answer should please you. If they did not fake these events, there would be no events! People are good. We do not go around randomly shooting each other … not even Muslims do that. (Please note the sarcasm. I don’t have access to emoticons.)  There is violence among us, most of it fueled by alcohol and drugs, but it is of the one-on-one type – bar fights, broken romances, desperation. Add raging hormones, and life is quite a trip.

The Pulse Nightclub massacre one year later pieceofmindful.com/2017/07/02/…

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Canada’s newest spacemasons science liars

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One clue to the whole lie: they hardly ever speak of “space”. Everything is about motivation, love of science, stay in school, follow your dreams – nary a detail of what’s up there and how to get there. Jenny looks out of shape or at least of bad posture: how is she going to take the gruelling (as we’re told) take off and re-entry?

Space is the top level of the new religion of science. These spacemasons are newly inducted priests used to sell the religion of scientism. Nothing more, nothing less.

You have to know how to keep a secret Jenny 1:01 … the secret is that NASA doesn’t go anywhere and is simply a masonic deception and science motivation institution. Sad that Canada is deeply involved in the stealing of children’s imagination.

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