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Dead Sim 

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I don’t know if this guy is real or not, but I had to post this because of his name. 

I’m quite sure that the first cyclist to “die” in Toronto likely a sim. 

Gary Sim was a tireless defender of cyclists in Toronto.

The 70-year-old had deftly mastered Twitter, tweeting about everything from snow in bike lanes to street safety.


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Another day, another 9/11 misdirection story

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There’s a 9/11 story in the media every day, just like there’s a Nazi, Kennedy, space/ball earth, or nuclear story. Every day. This is proof that selling a lie must be done every day (and every hour) to completely smother any opposing or dissenting views. This is the nature of psyOps.

Here’s a silly 9/11 story, which is a lie built on a lie. So many layers deep from the truth: that 9/11 was a complete military media event where the only truth you can prove with your eyes is that 9 buildings of the old WTC were demolished.

A U.S. District Court judge has determined that the FBI is not improperly withholding information about who funded the 9/11 attacks and also decided that there would be no Freedom of Information Act trial to evaluate the need for keeping some information related to the attacks under wraps.Judge Cecilia Altonaga’s ruling was part of a case brought by Florida Bulldog, a South Florida journalism organization, that for years has probed connections between the hijackers and some Saudis living at the time in the United States. The organization has been supported in its efforts by former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, who co-chaired Congress’s Joint Inquiry into 9/11, and by the Herald-Tribune, as a so-called “friend of the court.”

Source: South Florida judge rules to keep some 9/11 records secret

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Sum Ting Wong update

like this

New fake footage to again re-stoke the fake fires of a fake crash psyOp.

Second video shows the hilarious extra level of psyOp fakery. The only thing real, I think, is the news apology. I think they are sincere in admitting that nothing fed to them is checked since they have no verification systems. All their intelligence fed newsfeed is sent to air without thought.

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