Man on the street interviews

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I always enjoy what real (I hope) people have to say. Most people are smarter than they think, and some even speak truth more than what they think others want them to say.

Here’s a pretty polished youtuber that I’ve thrown a coffee donation to (via paypal not patreon: paypal charges $0.01 and patreon $0.35).

Towards the end, people don’t think they are programmable. That’s the beauty of our culture creators’ work: the recipients don’t realise that their thoughts and actions are completely given to them.

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1 thought on “Man on the street interviews

  1. tokarski

    The key to effective censorship is that people cannot be aware of its existence. Book banning is ham-handed, even helps sell books. But if an author can never gain visibility for his work … much more effective. That is why I distrust small book publishers, like TrineDay out in Oregon … they have us thinking we have evaded the censor. That makes their BS that much more believable.

    The key to effective thought/mind control is that we cannot suspect it is there and working on us. The best way to do that is to convince us in our school days that we are free.

    Fourth of July ought to be called Happy Slave Day

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