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14 thoughts on “FAK173-Ice Water Roof

  1. UNreal

    As expected, sophists will indeed always use cherrypicked arguments and appeal to ridicule arguments to mislead alternative research.

    The reason that imagery is reliable is exactly because it can indeed be proven false and Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and Richard Hall are all good exemples as their imagery has been forensically picked apart by many alternative researchers.


    Sophists will of course pretend there are more reliable types of evidence than our own eyes like experts opinions, lab tests, scientific reports, peer-review studies, written books and state certificats – but every other medium than our own eyes and ears are more troublesome as they all rely on third parties and our credibility thus remaining unverifiable for common people. Who can verify if DNA match, if a fingerprint was found or that electron microscopes gives the right result ?

    The very best evidence outside the lives we lead that we can check for ourselves is imagery. As with anything else in this age of fakery, we have to check such evidence against a logical model, and we can. Photo-forensics is the most democratic of sciences where the population dispose of redundant material to examine and where they all have the optimal tool naturally – vision. There are so many exemples of well done foto-forensics studies on Fakeologist that claiming the contrary is either utter ignorance or deliberate sabotage of intelligible dialogue.

    Sophists use ‘false images‘ as a useful trap in defending their biased point of view – conveniently omitting how they were able to prove images false in the first place – by photo forensics and image analyses.

    In regards to EGI, fake imagery is even less of a valid sophist argument than say the moon-landing as the redundancy of images and footage of celebrities is so important and that these individuals are observed by significant numbers of people continously in real life where they correspond to the imagery. Disregarding imagery and photo forensics relating to Elite Gender Inversion is thereby moreso non-sensical than in any other research area where redundant images and amateur material is lacking which is the case in most media-hoaxes.

    “Dartmouth researchers led by scientists Hany Farid built and posed a physiologically plausible 3-D model of Lee Harvey Oswald to match his appearance in the famous photo. By adding the appropriate mass to each part of the 3-D model, they were able to perform a balance analysis that revealed that although Oswald appears off-balance, his pose is stable.” –Article

    1. John le Bon

      @Unreal: You can keep repeating the term ‘sophist’ like some kind of NLP trick but it doesn’t mean anything substantial. It is just an ad hominem attack.

      Those who promote ‘urine therapy’ never seem to drink their own on camera, I wonder if those promoting ‘transvestigations’ on this website will conduct one on themselves, on camera, to verify their own bona fides.

      Oh, that’s right, they can’t, becoz they are afraid of the ‘shillz’. Yawn.

      1. UNreal

        Although your personality might induce you to believe most comments is a personal attack on yourself, you’re merely one of many ‘researchers‘ who ridicule imagery as a valid proof despite relying on imagery to form such an opinion in the first place and thereby disapproving the argument itself off the bat.

        It is also convenient to not mention how doctored images most often constitute the best evidence in most PsyOps – which by interference means real images are as verifiable as false ones. In both cases we rely on photo forensics – as you well know and fail to address.

        It is of course in the interest of gatekeeping to cast doubts on the validity of images generally as all PsyOps rely on such material and that the proof is mostly impossible to retract making it an achilles heel of propaganda – unless its lost in some abandoned McDonalds safe storage facility of course.

        I take your lack of valid arguments supporting your dismissal of imagery a sign you are well aware of your own sophistry – and your appeal to ridicule examples of Judy Wood, Urine therapy and self-transvestigation as ad hominem and non sequitur sidetracking.

        1. John le Bon

          ‘Forensics’ is a rather fancy way to describe what these ‘transvestigators’ do: parrot ‘shes a man’ and/or ‘hes a woman’ over and over and over (like an NLP trick) while scrolling through miscellaneous photos from a google image search.

          As for ‘gatekeepers’ and your other, constant accusations that ‘paid shills’ have been sent to target you, I do wonder how many casual readers of this site might be lost to the paranoia caused by your wild rantings about unseen boogeymen.

          Yes, the urine therapy comparison is quite fair. They won’t drink their own urine on camera, and the transvestigators won’t transvestigate themselves on camera. Meanwhile their loyal viewers are being spun into la-la land.

      2. ab Post author

        Your idea that Unreal or anyone investigating EGI needs to transvestigate themselves is ridiculous. You’ll need better arguments to refute any of Unreal’s points.

        1. John le Bon

          Nobody needs to transvestigate themselves, just like nobody has to drink their own urine, just like nobody listening to these people has to take a single word they say seriously until they do.

            1. vercite2

              Grylss shows many more feminine physical features than masculine ones. Shapely and womanly buttocks can be seen at 0:30. Also appears to have a Q-angle and a definite hour glass shape.
              More photos of Grylss posted on Discord chat:

  2. John le Bon

    Some interesting things I noticed:

    1) The guest is a a believer in the ‘Hampstead Case’. Leads me to wonder what percentage of believers in the ‘transvestigations’ are also believers in the ‘Hampstead case’. I would suspect there would be quite an overlap.

    2) ‘Most YouTubers are shills’. Extreme paranoia and fear. Almost at levels of self-parody.

    3) Unreal reiterating/reinforcing his position that video evidence is perfectly admissible now. Enough to find the defendants guilty, no less. Judy wood will be rejoicing. Those buildings were dustified, just look at the pictures. She has a whole book of pictures!

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