Hbc523-Culture of Extinction:you’re soaking in it

Points raised:

  • went to Argentina
  • Warrants for social engineering and population relocation
  • Hitler construction was set up to create avictim mentality Society
  • mayhem. KHam makes some ridiculous arguments around the Chicago skyline imagery.  I will upload my fresh Toronto skyline video from across Lake Ontario shortly. 
  • K and Chris agree Bigfoot or similar creatures could be hiding in the woods (wtf?) 

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2 thoughts on “Hbc523-Culture of Extinction:you’re soaking in it

  1. willard

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”
    Alexander Pope

    Mr. Pope may have a point but I find bashing the troubled world of HBC as nothing more than an idle amusement.

    Despite Kham’s shrill objections, I went to the video Mr. Paradox mentioned. @8:16 mark there is a screenshot of the Chicago skyline purported to be at 40 statute miles.


    If you highball the estimate (relax Kham) at 12 feet, using the earth calculator in the link below, 854 feet of the skyline should be concealed. And it clearly is not.


    Here is a list of the tallest buildings in Chicago:


    In the screen shot from the Skiba video, too many buildings appear above the 850 foot mark.

    Besides this conundrum, there is also the problem of the angle of the sun through the clouds that Brian Stavely mentioned. The revolution of the earth is also called into question as pilots do not factor it in when navigating. IMHO, intellectual integrity warrants skepticism regarding the cosmolgy we are given. It appears HBC is immune from such integrity. Indeed,subsequent remarks on Bigfoot approach the level of self mockery, reminscent of a certain poster I have seen here criticizing EGI.

    1. ab Post author

      Good comment. I know there aren’t many truthers on eastern Lake Michigan shores, but a few need to go take some P900 pictures. I’ll upload some more Lake Ontario videos. I don’t live there, but when I am down there on business there aren’t many days when the weather is good enough to get a perfect shot AND I have my P900.

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