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  1. antipodean

    I once read one of Greg Hallett’s books about New Zealand, most of it was garbage.
    I came across this video below, the video itself isn’t worth watching but there is an interesting comment from his sister, who goes by the user name ‘Really ?’. (Scroll down through the user comments.)

    Apparently Greg spent time at the ‘Center Point Commune’ in Auckland during the 70s.
    Many of it’s members have since been jailed for pedophilia . Yet he’s never mentioned this.

    I am Greg Hallett’s sister and I find all this hilarious, albeit a tad disturbing that people take all this crap seriously.
    The pedophilia and brainwashing he talks about….he spent a year or so living in a cult commune when first at Uni….everyone was encouraged to sleep with others whether they fancied them or not and partners were chosen for you…goggle it….Centrepoint, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand…the guy who ran it is in prison for pedophilia. Now that’s when Greg really started to get strange, all who knew him back then say the same.

    Make no mistake, he is NOT a psychopath, he is a sociopath. There is a big difference. He was born without a conscience….I could tell you many stories….
    The EGO…it’s huge and always has been, part of the sociopathy. This is where the dickhead stuff comes in. He never used to be a dickhead, he was intelligent and fun but that was a long time ago.

    He’s not been under threat of death in NZ….politicians there think he’s a joke. An over vivid imagination, yes. Never any evidence is one problem. He has some good points and I agree with quite a bit of the stuff he says about the situation of fathers in law courts (all across the world not just in NZ) but he’s not telling you the truth about his own experiences either. It had always been agreed that his daughter would spend a year with him before becoming an adult which she willingly did. Her experience living with him is her story but he lost his benefit when she left and went to Uni and not long afterwards he left the country without even telling her. She has a very close and loving relationship with her mother.

      1. antipodean

        That guy Mike Sparks is not Hallett, he may well be reading from some of Hallett’s stuff.

  2. smj

    ab, we’re told the real james bond was canadian. stephenson, intrepid, set up shop in the rockefeller center of course. joe kennedy also had an office in the rockefeller center. intrepid played the pro-war role opposite joe kennedy’s isolationist role in the dialectic of course. joe sr. was the movie mogul that started rko and intrepid was the mogul who happened to build the largest movie studio outside of hollywood…

    “Stephenson received the financial backing of Charles Jocelyn Hambro. This enabled him to take control of Alpha Cement, which was one of the largest cement companies in Britain. He also established Sound City films and built Shepperton Studios. It eventually became the largest film studios outside Hollywood. In 1936 Stephenson joined the board of Pressed Steel Company, which made 90 percent of Britain’s car bodies. Stephenson told Thomas F. Troy that he purchased it from Edward G. Budd Company of Philadelphia for $13 million.”

    …intrepid had david ogilvy, roald dahl, ian fleming, and noel coward on staff…

    “Charles Howard Ellis was sent to New York City to work alongside William Stephenson as assistant-director. Together they recruited several businessmen, journalists, academics and writers into the British Security Coordination. This included Roald Dahl, H. Montgomery Hyde, Ian Fleming, Cedric Belfrage, Ivar Bryce, David Ogilvy, Isaiah Berlin, Eric Maschwitz, Giles Playfair, Benn Levy, Noël Coward and Gilbert Highet.”

    …ian said intrepid was the real james bond. so the real james bond retired to bermuda. he lived on a goldeneye estate of course. noel, ian, and the real pussy galore were hangin’ on ian’s goldeneye estate in jamaica. the real pussy galore’s son lived there too. one day he would bring ska to the brits…

    “Forming Island Records in Jamaica on 22 May 1959 aged 22, Blackwell was amongst the first to record the Jamaican popular music that eventually became known as ska. Returning to Britain in 1962, he sold records from the back of his car to the Jamaican community.[1]
    Backed by Stanley Borden from RKO Radio Pictures, Blackwell’s business and reach grew substantially, and he went on to forge the careers of Bob Marley, Grace Jones and U2 amongst many other diverse high-profile acts. He has produced many seminal albums, including Marley’s Catch A Fireand Uprising,[3] and The B-52’s’ self-titled debut album in 1979.”

    …the narrative would also have us believe that intrepid paved the way for the television…

    “In England Stephenson obtained patents for a number of inventions, the chief one of which was the development of a device for transmitting photographs. In 1924 the first successful radio-transmitted newspaper photograph appeared in the London Daily Mail. It had been sent and received on equipment invented by Sir William. This invention paved the way for television. It is reported that through this invention Sir William amassed a fortune of over a million dollars and became a leading industrialist in England. In the early thirties he was in control of many British corporations such as Sound City Films, General Aircraft Limited, Earl’s Court Limited, Pressed Steel Co. Ltd., etc.”

    espionage is absurd. what fuckin’ secrets are there to steal? the real james bond was a midget that built shepperton fuckin’ studios. i’m sure jay dyer covered all this bullshit in his james bond inspired graduate work…


    1. ab Post author

      Greg’s gig was the Queen and being a TI. I can’t remember the name right now must loom up. He was entertaining.


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