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[6:01 PM] napoleon wilson: 0;The masters of the past will most likely never be out classed especially in their understanding of the figure and it’s form. Even artists who make photo realistic work do not hold the same weight as da Vinci or Michelangelo. If you look at their drawings and realize that all of it is based off of observation rather than a photograph you can start to appreciate the way they saw things. Also think about the different media that da Vinci was using.

If there is one things photos have done for us it is changed the way we see. They tend to round out the outer edge of forms and make things flatter. Photo realistic artwork tends to do the same.

Da Vinci would not be interested in this flattening and you have to realize they were not thinking of time in instants. There was no frozen moment because there was no photograph. So painting was more about movement and weight and illusion of life. Masters of the past were able to capture the spirit of a person in their paintings. This is not happening very often these days. I think we are to focused on the frozen moment especially in photo realistic work.1; -Greg Lookerse, Interdisciplinary Artist
[7:11 PM] kham:
Images and Subliminal Programming


July 21, 2017
[10:27 PM] kham:…
A Girl Is A Gun
Poets often liken women to flowers, but to Patricia Steere, the essence of feminine beauty is strong, unpredictable and even deadly. That vision is reflected…

[10:30 PM] napoleon wilson: magazine st
[10:31 PM] napoleon wilson: that shop is bollocks
[10:31 PM] napoleon wilson: evening
[10:34 PM] napoleon wilson: sorrry pat
[10:34 PM] napoleon wilson: 2 figure heads
[11:27 PM] kham:…
space hair. 2 (ISS is a hoax)


[11:36 PM] napoleon wilson:…
The Joker’s /Pencil Trick (High Quality)

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