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Another day when the audiochat just shines.

New voice Maria Laquita from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We talk flat earth, 9/11, Astana.

@Zal schools us on CGI.

[2:14 PM] UNreal: 33 year old female american artist with a perfect life living abroad with husband and children 6 & 9 who love history, the middle east and travel – sounds as genuine as her one-eyed icon avatar –(edited)

[2:32 PM] napoleon wilson: mind control to major ab

[2:35 PM] bing: Maps are flat

[2:37 PM] bing: @kham does anyone navigate from a globe?

[2:42 PM] bing: @Fakeologist there are very large salt flats

[2:52 PM] napoleon wilson: cavendish was a shill

[3:20 PM] napoleon wilson:

[3:23 PM] napoleon wilson: five star

[3:32 PM] napoleon wilson:…

Spartacus Educational

[3:36 PM] kham: @UNreal sounds like you are afraid of women

[3:38 PM] kham: Perhaps you have had an issue in the past that you are working through?

[3:45 PM] napoleon wilson: john dee was 007

[3:46 PM] UNreal: sounds like you are afraid of women Perhaps you have had an issue in the past that you are working through?” – @kham What you insinuate is a gratuitous attack – not unusual since EGI has gained traction and interest. – Slander on my person does little to change the current development in our society with a forced focus on minority issues, LGBTQ and transgenderism in particular. EGI is an intelligible study of hidden transgenderism – no longer really disputable in its existence as the exemples* are plenty and keep growing. – * Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning, Chaz Bono, David Arquette, Zeke Smith, Jenna Talackova, Caroline Cossey, Renee Richards just to name a few(edited)

[3:47 PM] kham: And you attacked our new 33 year old guest so now defend yourself

[3:49 PM] UNreal: I’m not presenting a one-eyed icon nor am i a 33 year old new member with a seemingly scripted background.

[3:50 PM] napoleon wilson:

[3:53 PM] Zal: oh boy more trolls

[3:56 PM] NotSoFreeMason:…

The Globe and Mail

Unlocking the mystical secrets of the Manitoba Legislature’s Golden Boy

‘It is a temple masquerading as a government building,’ says the man unlocking the hidden messages of the Manitoba Legislature

[3:56 PM] NotSoFreeMason: He doesn’t believe Freemasonry deserves such dismissive treatment. To understand the Leg better, Dr. Albo even became a Freemason himself by applying, studying and then passing the tests in a local lodge

[3:57 PM] napoleon wilson:

[3:58 PM] napoleon wilson:

[3:59 PM] NotSoFreeMason: With its lodge, degrees, secret handshakes and other curiosities, Dr. Albo says, “Freemasonry has become a bit of a conspiracy punching bag.”

[4:00 PM] Zal: clearly secret meetings and handshakes are on the up and up

[4:07 PM] Zal: education also loves globes @kham

[4:08 PM] napoleon wilson:

[4:08 PM] Zal: the plot of the new marvel film black panther is that “wakanda” is known to everyone as a thrid world country

[4:08 PM] Zal: but in reality its super advanced

[4:09 PM] napoleon wilson:

[4:09 PM] Zal:…


Marvel Entertainment

Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD] – YouTube

[4:09 PM] Zal: first segment of this teaser is very telling

[4:13 PM] napoleon wilson:

[4:19 PM] napoleon wilson:…



Electric Light Orchestra- Evil Woman

[4:26 PM] kham: @UNreal Sure, always look into something, but the question is how long does one need to continueously look into something before one decides it is disinfo?

[4:27 PM] Zal: i take a middle position

[4:27 PM] Zal: in my view cheating in sports by doing the trans thing is common

[4:28 PM] Zal: has a motive

[4:28 PM] Zal: and someone benefits

[4:28 PM] Zal: but calling everyone out as trans is the disinfo that covers this in ridicule

[4:29 PM] delcroix: Kazakhstan supermarket…

[4:30 PM] Zal: first i heard of astana years ago

[4:30 PM] Zal: was the kissinger and brezinski stuff

[4:30 PM] delcroix: same here , hi zal

[4:30 PM] Zal: sup edl

[4:30 PM] Zal: del *

[4:30 PM] napoleon wilson: 4ha edl

[4:30 PM] delcroix: most of it looked like models to me

[4:31 PM] Zal: interesting point, to me it looks like real buildings

[4:31 PM] Zal: but valid position to take

[4:31 PM] Zal: no one of us has actually been there

[4:31 PM] delcroix: they have an abay avenue

[4:32 PM] delcroix: thats true zal

[4:32 PM] Zal: i got intrigued by that marvel trailer

[4:32 PM] Zal: wonder how many third world countries have cities like that

[4:32 PM] Zal: marvel is disney afterall

[4:33 PM] Zal: revelation of the method or whatever

[4:34 PM] delcroix: yep , at the end of he day ,like we say , we haven’t been there

[4:35 PM] delcroix: have to nip out , bb;

[4:35 PM] Zal: how much would a trip cost?

[4:35 PM] Zal: cya man

[4:35 PM] delcroix: too much ;lol

[4:35 PM] delcroix: bbl zal et al

[4:39 PM] Zal: house of saud?

[4:40 PM] napoleon wilson: saud hoses ha

[4:40 PM] napoleon wilson: dust bowl

[4:40 PM] Zal: there is a thing called airprint, but thats a apple thing

[4:40 PM] Zal: @kham

[4:41 PM] Zal: other than that should work either way

[4:43 PM] Zal: aether …ehm ethernet

[4:43 PM] Zal: google eats ram :stuck_out_tongue:

[4:44 PM] Zal: ccleaner is nice freeware that does this for everything

[4:46 PM] Zal: gmail has 1 gb

[4:46 PM] Zal: that is like 20 000 ish mails

[4:47 PM] napoleon wilson: ha

[4:47 PM] napoleon wilson: no call me ishmail

[4:48 PM] napoleon wilson: call me ishmail

[4:48 PM] Zal: moby dick or metal gear solid 5 reference? :stuck_out_tongue:

[4:51 PM] Zal: if we get a 33 year old one eyed astanian on the line, do we belive him? :thinking:

[5:08 PM] napoleon wilson: fuck yeah

[5:09 PM] napoleon wilson: ? ? ? ? ?

[5:15 PM] UNreal: The QURAN is as fake as the Bible – Incredible how people hold anyone that bee-live as anything else than missinformed and mindcontrolled. – No matter the religion – it is built on belief & entirely invented by the Elite and their priesthood to advantage the few and mighty.

[5:16 PM] napoleon wilson:

[5:17 PM] napoleon wilson: the child abuse cgi actors jus the mouths were cgi? or what

[5:18 PM] napoleon wilson: eating babies and that

[5:19 PM] napoleon wilson: zal did you do 911 you have to tell thetruth its fakeologist

[5:19 PM] napoleon wilson: zal

[5:20 PM] napoleon wilson: zal

[5:32 PM] kham: possible examples of cgi “crisis actors”

[5:32 PM] kham:…



Sandy Hook CGI Face Distortion

[5:33 PM] kham:…



CGI Solid Colored Hands

[5:34 PM] kham:…



Sandy Hook CGI Blurry Face

[5:36 PM] napoleon wilson: WIZARDS NOT LIZARDS

[6:19 PM] typoerror:…

Internet Archive

NY Fire Department’s 9/11 Radio Dispatches : Fire Department of New York : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The Fire Department of New York’s radio dispatches from the morning and early afternoon of 9/11. For over three years, they fought in court to keep these…

[6:19 PM] typoerror:…



Comparing The Voices – Grand Moff Tarkin

[7:09 PM] typoerror:

[7:10 PM] typoerror: :paintbrush:

[7:28 PM] Zal: yep thats the one

[7:30 PM] napoleon wilson:…

[7:31 PM] Zal:…

[7:31 PM] Zal: watch everything here

[7:31 PM] Zal: ^^ the current deluxe paint

[7:44 PM] napoleon wilson: xx

[7:54 PM] Zal: im actually working on a introduction to 3d course in blender

[7:54 PM] Zal: ill get fakeologists a discount when i release it xD

[7:55 PM] napoleon wilson: braintartica and tthr appp your teaching me

[7:56 PM] Zal:…

Fiverr / Search Results for ‘programmer’

One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.

[7:56 PM] Zal: hire a programmer

[7:56 PM] Zal: sell app

[7:56 PM] Zal: $$

[7:57 PM] napoleon wilson: money ha

[7:57 PM] Zal: brb hotdogs are ready

[7:57 PM] napoleon wilson: money speeds up time

[7:58 PM] napoleon wilson: im goin bed x

[7:59 PM] napoleon wilson: thsats wwhy everyone is mental money

[8:01 PM] Zal: a friend of mine put it nicely once

[8:01 PM] Zal: “money buys freedom”

[8:01 PM] Zal: true in all walks of life

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4 thoughts on “AC-Maria Laquita,Kham,Ab,Zal,Napoleon,John Adams

  1. willard

    @kham, why do commercial/miliitary pilots not take into account the rotation of the earth when navigating or landing?

    An instructor and a pilot both told me that the reason you do not account for the rotatìon is that the “forces” affecting the earth also affect the plane the same way.

    It reminds me of this notorious video where an esteemed scientist* tells us that what we know as science is bunk.

    I guess the reason pilots do not account for the rotation is because of “particles” keeping the plane in sync with earth.


  2. John le Bon

    Interesting audiochat.

    ~1h10m KHam suggests that because she thought I was a Flat Earther, I am guilty of ‘gaslighting’ her. Perhaps another perspective to consider is that, unless I am capable of changing the past, or of manipulating YouTube upload/stream date information, then all one needs to do is go back and listen to my words from the very first Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable to see that I was a Flat Earth critic from the beginning.

    Perhaps instead of accusing others of malice for our own poor comprehension, we might benefit from taking responsibility for our own errors. To say, ‘Well I misunderstood you, even though you stated your position clearly, so that is your fault’, strikes me as very childish behaviour.

    ~3h12m Napoleon Wilson suggests that my skepticism towards the ‘paid shills’ mind virus is somehow in contradiction with my own work critiquing the Cavendish experiment. If he could elaborate on this, I would be interested to see NW make his case. Bear in mind that I have never claimed ‘Henry Cavendish’ actually existed. Quite the contrary, I treat Cavendish like any other character from history.

    ~4.30m Zal suggests that people have come up with app ideas, paid $5 for an Indian from fiverr to write the program, and made millions of dollars selling it on. Are there any verifiable examples of this ever happening? It sounds like the kind of story a company would promote to increase brand awareness i.e. did some PR guru at fiverr make this story up?

    It also reminds me of the nonsense rags-to-riches stories so many people believe about tech/startups/venture capital. Sure kids, study a three-year IT degree, go into student debt, work from your bedroom in your parents house, go to a few seminars and workshops, and you might be able to make lots of money selling your idea to a VC! Sign up here!

    Also wanted to note that I enjoyed the discussion between Zal and KHam regarding CGI fakery and capability. It sounded to me like Zal felt his line of work was being insulted, in a way, by KHam’s suggestions. Zal sees what he does as an artform, and he felt KHam couldn’t see this, that KHam was trying to suggest that the work he spends hours of his time on every day is done magically, automatically, by a computer.

    I understand Zal’s frustrations. I can spend dozens of hours of my own time on research and content production for s specific article/video, only to have a conspiratard dismiss my work entirely because I am, to their paid-shill-mind-virus-infected outlook, possibly a ‘paid shill’. Somehow the evidence no longer matters, somehow the basic notions of common decency and respect we are raised to value go out the window.

    Zal said something I liked and might reference in the future. I’ll paraphrase: ‘People say to imagine what CGI technology the military might have, but to me that is what Hollywood already is: the movie wing of the military’.

    After listening to this audiochat, I think I have been too harsh/negative towards Zal in discord chat. For that I apologise.

    Thanks as always to Ab for facilitating and posting. Cheers.

  3. antipodean

    Some of the stuff discussed at the 4 hour mark was quite interesting.
    Zal’s analysis of the 9/11 footage (9/11 landscape ) being, pre recorded footage blended and Maya compromised, was a welcome return to an old debate.

    The debate over whether the footage for the 9/11 Landscape was some form of Sim City Geo referencing layering. Was a debate started on the old ‘9/11 movement’ forum when someone noticed, the Rector Street building was missing from the UA 175 Hezarkhani footage, allegedly shot from Battery park.
    The whole debate became an argument about perspective some New York posters went to Battery Park to find out for themselves.
    It ended up being inconclusive when it became an issue of how much taller the trees had become and, how much foliage was on them.

    Someone in NZ believed that the Collapse footage was put together in a similar way to how Zal describes. (although this truther remained convinced that there were real planes.)
    It was discussed briefly on Clues Forum….

    To me it hasn’t really mattered either way, the fact is the footage was pre recorded.
    But when Zal says that the skill set required for Geo referencing sim city is a lot more unique, I suppose it helps narrow down where to point the finger at, to those involved.

    For a number of years I’ve believed that it was Strategic Communications Laboratory based in London, who created the 9/11 footage which was beamed to the BBC to be picked up by the US networks.…

    And below is a video exposing their on line debunking activities. Where some of us could be in their sights.


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