Alchemical Hustle

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I’ve clipped a large part of the latest fakeologist discord chat channel, alchemical hustle.

Remember we do have forums here, but I’m happy all the areas of the site are being utilized. We have something for everyone here.

smjYesterday at 10:47 PM

example of how newton’s big g or gravitational constant is used to come up with the local gravitational field……

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 10:47 PM

g(r) = Earth’s gravitational field strength ( or ) G = gravitational constant () mE = mass of the Earth () r = distance from the center of the Earth (m) Gravitational Field Formula Questions: 1) What is the gravitational field strength at the surface of the Earth, ? Answer: The gravitational field strength at the surface of the Earth can be calculated using the formula: The value of r of interest is the radius of the Earth, : The gravitational field strength at the Earth’s surface is approximately . This is equivalent to an acceleration due to gravity at the Earth’s surface of . 2) Some satellites orbit at a distance that puts them in what is called geosynchronous orbit. At this distance, the satellites orbit once per day, and so they stay above a fixed point on the Earth. Geosynchronous orbits have a radius of . What is the gravitational field strength (and acceleration due to gravity) at geosynchronous orbit? Answer: The gravitational field strength at the geosynchronous orbital radius can be calculated using the formula: The value of r of interest is : The gravitational field strength at the geosynchronous orbital radius is approximately . This is equivalent to an acceleration due to gravity of . Related Links: More Topics Handwriting Spanish Facts Examples Formulas Difference Between Inventions Literature Flashcards 2017 Calendar Online Calculators Multiplication Quizzes Flashcards Coloring Pages Links Link us Contact Us Privacy policy Terms of Use Search © 2005-2017

smjYesterday at 10:47 PM

im sure jlb covered that in his inverse squared expose.
How about that 15 FORTY SEVEN
47 and 74 seem to pop up a lot
Two years ago, how the time flies

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 10:50 PM


John le BonYesterday at 10:50 PM

@smj I switched that video from private to unlisted just for you
I hope you enjoy

smjYesterday at 10:56 PM

why should i listen since your ‘inquiries into cavendish were not about newtons g.”? wtf

smjYesterday at 11:05 PM

“Wolfgang Pauli was influenced by Carl Jung and the Platonism of Arnold Sommerfeld, who introduced the fine-structure constant. Pauli’s vision of a World Clock is related to the symbolic form of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes and Plato’s geometric allegory otherwise known as the Cosmological Circle attributed to ancient tradition. With this vision Pauli revealed geometric clues to the mystery of the fine-structure constant that determines the strength of the electromagnetic interaction. A Platonic interpretation of the World Clock and the Cosmological Circle provides an explanation that includes the geometric structure of the pineal gland described by the golden ratio. In his experience of archetypal images Pauli encounters the synchronicity of events that contribute to his quest for physical symmetry relevant to the development of quantum electrodynamics.” …there’s a joke that if you want to hack a physicist’s computer use the fine structure constant. it just so happens to be 1 over 137.… google jung and pauli and synchronicity for more psichoillogical fun fellow sceptics……
In physics, the fine-structure constant, also known as Sommerfeld’s constant, commonly denoted ? (the Greek letter alpha), is a fundamental physical constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary charg…

Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. Duri…

137 (one hundred [and] thirty-seven) is the natural number following 136 and preceding 138.

July 30, 2017

smjToday at 1:14 AM

Edward Topham (1751–1820) was an English journalist and playwright.

John le BonToday at 2:00 AM

“why should i listen” @smj Well it is there if you feel like learning something. Cheers.

smjToday at 2:03 AM

“Provincial newspapers carried eye-witness reports of the phenomenon. The story was a sensation, and thanks to Major Topham’s efforts in always “establishing the truth”, this meteorite became the major player in gaining Worldwide acceptance that stones do sometimes fall from the sky. Topham already had a reputation as a playwright and journalist at the time, a he published a daily newspaper in London called The World. And wrote a regular column for the newspaper called The Schools, in which he reminisced about his time at Eton, and the people he knew. One person he wrote about was John Elwes, Member of Parliament, and noted eccentric and miser. It’s believed that Major Topham’s memoirs of Elwes were the inspiration for the character of Ebenezer Scrooge, in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  The bulk of the meteorite was donated to the Natural History Museum, in London. In 1799 a monumental obelisk was erected on the location of the stone’s impact, by Major Topham. The inscription on the plaque reads, “Here, on this spot, December 13, 1795. Fell from the atmosphere, an extraordinary stone. In breadth twenty-eight inches. In length thirty-six inches, and whose weight was fifty-six pounds. This column in memory of it was erected by Edward Topham 1799.””……..31Q.108P……

smjToday at 1:23 PM… “And the origin of that song is an earlier cosmic enigma in Alabama, called: the Great Leonid Meteor Shower, that took place as early as November 1833 and was only visible in the south-eastern part of the United States, I read in a endnote of the essay by Natasha Christia. There are two versions of the song: by Doris Day, and Billie Holiday. You refer to that cosmic event in a text fragment from the personal journal, or logbook, by Prophet Joseph Smith. I think this makes it all so interesting: all these names that pop up, they are like actors! Volume I opens with that statement. My question is: Who is that Prophet? He talks about ‘fireworks of eternity’ to ‘entertain the Saints’ and ‘awe the sinners’.”…
just some more culture creation to make gullible apes believe that rocks can fly.
the wold cottage meteorite weighed in at a whopping 56 pounds we’re told. here’s more interesting meteorite stats… “Thousands and thousands of meteorites have hit the Earth over human history (and millions upon millions before that). Of those, only about 45,000 of those impacts were recorded, most of them in the recent past. A smaller subset of about 1,100 were actually recorded by eye-witnesses before being found and recorded. The site Bolides takes all that info and makes it easy to understand. You can look at the timeline to see both the number of recorded meteorites and their mass, and by clicking on any one year you can see highlights.”…

UNrealToday at 1:31 PM

Interesting graph on those meteorites – historically it looks like the French Revolution in 1789 started all the fireworks and illuminated our skies…
— The script seems obvious as the phonetic anagram to METEORITE is THE REMOTE (meteor – remote)

smjToday at 1:43 PM

chaldi published his famous stones falling from the sky theory in 1794 we’re told. then edward the dandy playwright’s heavily promoted wold cottage event happened the very next year… “In 1794, Chladni published Über den Ursprung der von Pallas gefundenen und anderer ihr ähnlicher Eisenmassen und über einige damit in Verbindung stehende Naturerscheinungen (“On the Origin of the Iron Masses Found by Pallas and Others Similar to it, and on Some Associated Natural Phenomena”) in which he proposed that meteorites have an extraterrestrialorigin.[16][17] This was a controversial statement at the time,[18] since meteorites were thought to be of volcanic origin. This book made Chladni one of the founders of modern meteorite research. Chladni was initially ridiculed for his claims, but his writings sparked a curiosity that eventually led more researchers supporting his theory. In 1795, a large stony meteorite was observed during its fall to Earth at a cottage near Wold Newton in Yorkshire, England and a piece of it, known as the Wold Cottage meteorite, was given to the British chemist Edward Howardwho, along with French mineralogist Jacques de Bournon, carefully analyzed its composition and concluded that an extraterrestrial origin was likely. In 1803, the physicist and astronomer Jean Baptiste Biot was commissioned by the French Minister of the Interior to investigate a meteor shower over L’Aigle in northern France that had peppered the town with thousands of meteorite fragments.[8][9] Unlike Chladni’s book and the scientific publication by Howard and de Bournon, Biot’s lively report became popular and persuaded more people to take Chladni’s insights seriously.”…
Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (German: [???nst ?flo???ns ?f?i?d??ç ?kladn?]; 30 November 1756 – 3 April 1827) was a German physicist and musician. His most important work, for which he is sometimes labeled the father of acousti…

…his work was confirmed a few years later by this strange chaps work on the eagle rocks from the sky shower in france………)
Jean-Baptiste Biot (French: [bjo]; 21 April 1774 – 3 February 1862) was a French physicist, astronomer, and mathematician who established the reality of meteorites, made an early balloon flight, and studied the polarization of light. The minera…

L’Aigle is a L6 meteorite which fell on 26 April 1803 in Lower Normandy, France.

UNrealToday at 2:12 PM

@smj It wouldn’t surprise me if the Elite actually were able to stage “falling rocks” by either balloons or some other trick. Any suspicion of some stagecraft to make believe stones fell out of the sky ? Seems that weight was a problem as they strived to make more/bigger stones “fall”. – After all, the French revolution might not have killed that many people as Guillotines might just have been a stagprop used for magick… The French elite might thus all have left for the States ? –(edited)
Scot’s 1584 diagram explaining the “Decollation of John Baptist” illusion, in which the performer appears “to cut off ones head, and to laie it in a platter”…)(edited)
The Guillotine is a magic trick where it appears that a blade of a guillotine passes through a person’s neck without harming them. Variations on the theme have been performed for hundreds of years, with documented examples appearing in print in t…

smjToday at 2:18 PM

@UNreal i’m not sure they’d have to go thru the trouble of actually dropping anything from the sky. i would’ve just waited for a night with lots of shooting stars to release a prearranged psientific magik show. just need a few rocks, maybe a witness or two, and a psientist too confirm the et origin of said rocks

UNrealToday at 2:21 PM

true – it would be easier to have meteorites fall at night or falsely document.(edited)
regarding the French revolution – any suspicion some of the “Guillotine’d” protagonists were not killed & might have emerged overseas ?

smjToday at 2:31 PM

i assume it was political theatre.

delcroixToday at 4:23 PM

I think she might have made the bodies that they “decapitated ” ?
The Revolution: Hard Times and Tragedies Marie Takes Charge During the Revolution, Curtius was sent off to war and Marie was left to take care of the business on her own. She would have been around thirty years old and trying to run an entertainment business in the middle of a Revolution. People were fleeing Paris, and the government had asked everyone to support the war effort by handing over all their “nonessential” wealth. No one wanted to be seen going to the waxworks and wasting money on entertainment. Besides, why pay to see wax effigies of people who had lost their heads, when they could go to the public square and see the real thing any day of the week? The waxworks profits were melting away, and Marie took out a loan in an effort to keep the family from losing everything. Madame Tussaud Marie making a cast of a severed head. *See note at the bottom for info about this photo Devastating Death Mask Unfortunately, Marie’s troubles were only beginning. She would soon suffer a horrible shock. *The Princesse de Lamballe, whom Marie regarded as one of the sweetest and kindest people she knew, was ripped from prison, horribly abused and murdered. The murderers then took her severed head to Marie and stood over her while she was forced to make a wax cast of it. Although this wasn’t the first severed head she had modelled, it was horrible to be holding her friend’s head in her lap. *
When you think of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, you probably think of movie stars, political figures, and other famous people. But you might not realize the amazing story of the real-life Madame Tuss…



UNrealToday at 4:30 PM

Great find – Tussaud fit the part if the “Guillotine” was a stageact… It is important to remember that every “new” technology has always been introduced and used in a military prpagandistic way. Executions would be the most horryfying act to the people before the Elite were able to use artefacts such as photo and film. If the Elite were as treatcherous at the time as in our days of “terror” and “crisis-actors” – executions would be the psyopera of the day.
It might be instructive to remember how Saddam was found in a hole in the ground before his “hanging” was clearly fiddled with. Like Kennedy, Saddam probably didn’t die that day…




Terrorist “beheadings” are also still quite suspect of being fake as well.
Whenever “horror” is proposed to masses – chances are greater that it’s staged than real… And the “Guillotine” is still today one of the most efficient magic tricks performed on stage.
– Guillotine called “Berger 1872” made around 1890 pictured with it’s owner : Fernand Meyssonnier (he could be a mason, but who knows – the Elite are so clever with names…)(edited)


– Head Drop Guillotine in production since 1789 – A cheap trick for rich Elitists… ? –…(edited)

delcroixToday at 5:08 PM


street theater
By 3:30 a.m. the weary spectators were leaning on the picket fences, and conversation had died away. The sky began to grow pale and a dozen heads could be seen on the neighboring roofs, among the chimney pots. As the light intensified, the shafts of the guillotine appeared to grow taller and taller by imperceptible degrees until they domin­ated the scene.:upside_down:
Two women tried to see the execution from the side of the machine. One was the mother of Roger Le Blond, Paris theatrical agent, who was murdered by Weidmann and [Roger] Million.
If public executions were faked with Guillotine in 1939 – were they real in 1789 ?



delcroixToday at 5:19 PM

exactly unreal
nice find there

UNrealToday at 5:21 PM

If Saddam Husseins execution by hanging 2006 was faked – when were public hangings real ? –…(edited)

delcroixToday at 5:32 PM



UNrealToday at 6:17 PM

Some official “hangings” since WW2 –
1945 Dietrich Bonhoeffer German theologian 1946 William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) Nazi propagandist 1946 Tomoyuki Yamashita Japanese general and war criminal 1946 Amon Leopold Göth commandant of the Nazi concentration camp in P?aszów 1946 Hans Frank Nazi Governor-General of occupied Poland 1946 Wilhelm Frick Nazi Minister of the Interior 1933-1943 1946 Alfred Jodl Chief of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht 1946 Ernst Kaltenbrunner SS leader 1946 Wilhelm Keitel head of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht 1946 Joachim Ribbentrop Nazi foreign minister 1946 Alfred Rosenberg Nazi theorist and propagandist 1948 Hideki T?j? Prime Minister of Japan and war criminal 1949 Yoshio Kodaira Japanese serial killer 1949 Nathuram Godse assassin of Mahatma Gandhi 1949 Narayan Apte assassination of Mahatma Gandhi 1953 Marguerite “Madame le Corbeau” Pitre bombing of Canadian Pacific Flight 108 1953 Derek Bentley Aiding police officer murder during robbery 1959 Genzo Kurita Japanese serial killer
1961 Adnan Menderes Turkish Prime Minister between 1950–1960 1962 Adolf Eichmann Organizer of the Holocaust 1962 Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin murderers, last executions performed in Canada 1965 Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Edward Smith murderers of the Clutter family 1967 Ronald Ryan Australian murderer – last person executed in Australia 1970 Akira Nishiguchi Japanese serial killer 1972 Deniz Gezmi? Revolutionary and political activist 1975 Michael X (not Malcolm,,) black revolutionary, for murder 1976 Kiyoshi ?kubo Japanese serial killer 1979 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Pakistani politician 1993 Westley Allan Dodd American serial killer and child molester 1994 Charles Rodman Campbell convicted murderer 1995 Flor Contemplacion Convicted of murder in Singapore 1995 Auto Shankar Indian serial killer 1997 Norio Nagayama Japanese serial killer(edited)
2000 Kiyotaka Katsuta Japanese serial killer 2004 Dhananjoy Chatterjee rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl 2004 Mamoru Takuma Japanese mass murderer 2005 Van Tuong Nguyen Australian drug trafficker 2006 Saddam Hussein President of Iraq and war criminal 2007 Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikrit half brother of Saddam Hussein (decapitated – wrong rope) 2010 Ali Hassan al-Majid chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service 2011 Zahra Bahrami Narcotics trafficking 2012 Ajmal Kasab Pakistani militant for 2008 Mumbai attacks 2013 Afzal Guru 2001 Indian Parliament attack 2013 Abdul Quader Molla Bangladeshi Islamist leader, rape and mass murder(edited)
— If Saddam Hussein’s hanging was faked – what are the chances any of the above Elite members really died as advertised in the media ? Ribbentrop 1946 hanging – overly thick rope for extra effect ?…(edited)… – Currently, there are only 6 methods used in public executions worldwide. At least 4 seems easily faked – shooting & beheading with sword being the least suitable for fakery – but who knows… – Many of the older methods seems harder to fake such as Stoning, Buried alive, Boiling to death or the Viking style Blood Eagle,,,, — 1. Hanging still in use in many of countries, usually with a calculated drop to cause neck fracture and instant death. Notably used by India, Japan, and Singapore – 2. Shooting very common method : single shot (such as the neck shot, as in China) or by firing squad (as in Indonesia) – 3. Lethal injection First used in the United States in 1982, has been used by five other countries since then – 4. Electrocution Only the United States and the Philippines have ever used this method – 5. Gas inhalation Only the United States and Lithuania have ever used this as a capital punishment method – 6. Beheading Now used only in Saudi Arabia with a sword(edited)
This is a list of methods of capital punishment, also known as execution.
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