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Deconstructing the Aids hoax

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It starts with small lies…and ends with a big one. One of the best ways to scatter the growing gay man alliances of the 70s.

David gives a shout out to Fakeologist at the beginning. Yes, I did help David with some audio issues. Does anyone know what other episode David mentions Fakeologist?

In episode 149 David interviews Charles (Chuck) Ortleb a gay writer and publisher whose career bloomed at the start of the AIDS epidemic, and then crashed when he started to criticize the HIV=AIDS dogma promulgated by the CDC and powerful pharmaceutically funded organizations within his own community. The New York Native was a widely read newspaper in the early 1980s in New York’s gay community, but its criticism of the new and soon to be massively profitable AZT, through writers like John Lauri

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FAK176-Malcontent and Maria Laquita

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A really good audiochat that I’ve promoted to a full episode, with new voices Malcontent of Oakland CA and Maria Laquita of Abu Dhabi/South Carolina.

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How do you ship body parts?

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The 9/11 hoaxsters sure write some dark prose.

The widow of a Toronto businessman killed in the World Trade Centre on 9/11 says its sickening that the Liberal government has allowed terrorist Omar Khadr to play the victim card and collect $10.5 million.

Maureen Basnicki’s husband, Ken Basnicki, was in New York City on business when he was killed in the North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001.

She says the “imbalance in the justice system” reared its ugly head with Khadr’s Las Vegas-like payout.

“I feel the same as the majority of Canadians,” Basnicki said. “It’s excessive and it irks me my tax dollars are going to a self-confessed member of a terrorist organization.”

“There are just so many reasons I object to it,” added the advocate for the rights of Canadian terror victims.

“I would have hoped the government would have been equally concerned about my rights as a victim of terrorists. The (Canadian) government even came after me for taxes owed by my late husband,” said Basnicki, adding it was at the time “when I was receiving my first shipment of body parts.”

9/11 is the myth that keeps on giving – even when enforcing another myth, like the Omar Khadr story.


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HBC527-Cool cats and hot prisoners

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Chris says the freon patent was running out and we needed a hole in the ozone layer to change our cooler chemical. 

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AC-Maria Laquita,Kham,Ab,Zal,Napoleon,John Adams

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Another day when the audiochat just shines.

New voice Maria Laquita from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We talk flat earth, 9/11, Astana.

@Zal schools us on CGI.

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FAK175-Frank Albo

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When? Sunday, July 23, 2017 1911h EDT

I chat with Frank Albo about his latest book, Astana.

Listen live at

Connect using Fakeologist Discord at

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The O.J. Simpson Trial – The Hoax Of The Century

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Another chapter closes in the nOJ hoax opera.

Could a hoax of this scale this be pulled off again? Would they even bother? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, seeing all the smaller ones that go on to this day.

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part two)

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Part 2 of a good series on the Columbine psyOp.

The events of April 20th, 1999 took advance planning, and not just by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. As with all psyops of this magnitude, there had to be some staging. So we learn that the boys broke into a van  to steal electronic equipment in January of 1998. In February of that year, Eric is a suspect in a pipe bomb incident. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office did not release this information until 2001. (Be wary. Evidence after-the-fact and not vetted in an adversarial setting is often just planted.)  T

Source: Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part two) | Piece of Mindful Columbine thread 

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