8 thoughts on “AC0343-Kham apologises

    1. antipodean

      Scary stuff if true. Why can’t she just be a Tom boy.
      I’ve a niece who from the age of 4 just didn’t want to do girlie things, putting a dress on her was a mission in itself.
      Now well into her 20s she’s living an openly gay lifestyle. She even dressed as a man to give away her sister at her wedding, because of their estranged father.
      Rather a daughter of mine was a Lesbian than under go gender re assignment.

    2. ab Post author

      My guess is that she/he is an EGI individual to start with (and probably not a bio child) and this is just misdirection for what she already is.

      1. Jack33

        However you slice it, (pun intended), it’s disturbing and proof positive in the existence of some twisted agenda and Hollywood’s role in promoting it.

        Hollywood is nothing but a big freak show and I wish people would stop worshiping those evil bastards.

    3. khammad

      In the media sphere today there is a clear transgender agenda that seems to be part of transhumanism.

      How does one distinguish between a psychological operation which includes promoting the transgender issue in the media and EGI?

  1. UNreal


    You (and other egi-naysayers) are all excused of course from the instant you leave the appeal to ridicule and appeal authority (or dba) behind. Appreciate you having the humility to say as much and hope to be able to follow your exemple next time i step aside or be wrong.

    Regarding Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) it started as a Fakeologist topic elaborated in the forum thread in its name, before Ab established the Fakeologist EGI sub-blog where both Ab and I post material and references.

    Since some months back i’ve made a personal webpage where i attempt to gather all of my own research, opinions and contributions (not only EGI despite recent focus).

    EGI blog

    Fakeologist Forum thread on EGI
    (forum index here)

    Personal webpage

      1. UNreal


        The main issue might however not be as much EGI in itself as most critique boils down to discrediting messengers, fallacious argumentation, refusal to look at evidence and unwillingness to partake in intelligible debate. Both 9/11 and Flat Earth research are similarly good examples.

        The Elite spend considerable amounts of manpower and funding to establish their own opposition and clearly are at the origin of most alternative research. Thus they will need to control the leading figures, memes and language to their advantage.

        Another strategy is clearly chaos created from overload of information and topics. We live in a society that is in a perpetual state of Psychological Operations and Controlled Opposition. The permanent disinformation overload makes it difficult for any one observer to make sense of the situation we’re in and often some type of conspiracy fatigue will set in.

        Conspiracy Fatigue

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