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9/11 victim identified 16 years after attacks

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Another fake story about the century’s biggest fake event – which will be back at the top of the news in about a month. Sweet 16 coming up!

  • can we get the total death count straight psyOp writers? This story says 2977 (1111), but wikedpedia says 2996. Hoi’s vicsim report has counted 2875.
  • new DNA technology? Are there any reports of a breakthrough in identifying ash blown across Manhattan? DNA is likely a hoax as well
  • after all that work identifying the vicsim, we can’t even get their identity? The irony is amusing
  • this is nothing new: too many of the vicsims of 9/11 look like candles already.[Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.]

NEW YORKIt has been nearly 16 years since the September 11th attacks on America, but the job of identifying the victims has still not come to an end.The New York City’s Medical Examiner’s Office announced this week that it has identified another victim of that deadly day, USA Today reported.>> Read more trending newsThe man, who is not being named at the request of the family, was the first to be identified since 2015.New DNA technology was able to find out who the man was. Past tests came back with no results.The September. 11 attacks killed 2,977 when hijackers crashed planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Source: 9/11 victim identified 16 years after attacks

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Mel Gibson-from the Superclass?

likes this

The more I try and figure out who “they” are, those that rule over us, the more I think there is a superclass. They aren’t aliens, reptiles, or jews, but  a morpheus group that defies labeling.

Miles Mathis does his usual geni breakdown of Mel Gibson. I’m not too interested in the exact lineage, but I do agree that it really shows their is the uber rich, or superclass, and the rest of us.

All the war and divide and conquer is to keep us from learning about “them”.

Here’s the summary of the latest MM essay, telling us why Mel Gibson does what he does:

You may ask why a popular actor would agree to have his name dragged through the mud, as Gibson’s
has been in the past decade. I would guess it is because they all see it as a game. Besides, Gibson
likely sees it as an assignment. It is a job like any other: it is what agents do. Remember, Hollywood
was absorbed by Intelligence many decades ago, and all actors are agents. This is just the theatrical
division of Intel. Gibson got to be the hero for many years, and maybe he got tired of it. He wanted to
switch sides and play the villain—always a more interesting part. Also remember that he is being
cleansed. In cases like this, the blackwashing is only temporary: it is eventually followed by a
whitewashing. My guess is they will reinvent Gibson as the hero again. We see the first act of this new
play in the Jewish press, as above, with Gibson being sold as a new Schindler. In a few years, Gibson
will be cuddly and embraceable again, with the past decade only adding a richness and depth to his
character. You will forget you were ever supposed to hate him. What you won’t forget is how you have
been changed and formed by this project, and all their other projects. While Mel was going from hero
to villain to hero again, you were being trained to distrust men, feel queasy about the heterosexual
relationship, look sideways at religious people, and hate anyone who questioned mainstream dogma in
any way. You won’t hate Mel anymore—because he will have learned his lesson—but you will
automatically hate anyone who questions Holocaust figures, questions 911, or questions any other
“fact” of the promoted history.

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Bowling for Michael Moore

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I am a big Michael Moore fan. I fall for his ambush rich vs poor theme every time. My cognitive dissonance is very high when I read this 6th instalment in Mark’s excellent breakdown of the Columbine hoax.

Controlled opposition may be the most important part of any psyop, as good hoax management can literally set a lie in stone. A hoax need only survive one generation, which is around 20 years.

After that time, all is forgotten and forgiven.

This movie helped me realize that Michael Moore, film maker, is a spook and complete fraud. I watched it many years ago, and assumed it was a plea for gun control. Only later do I understand, thanks to the good company I keep here at this blog in the other writers and commenters, that each attempt to promote gun control results in a surge in gun sales. That is probably the objective. Even if armed, the American population in its deeply ignorant state is easily managed and presents no threat to the state.

Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part six) pieceofmindful.com/2017/08/08/…

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Will I be remembered as a 9/11 denier?

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Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel dead at 78 | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

I have mixed emotions about Zundel. Was this man promoted by the nutwork to be a stand out example to create unnecessary laws to stop dissent?

Despite your take on the Holocaust, the ability to question the official narrative of anything is the real story here.

I always knew that, yet the story kept returning to the emotional themes that Zundel loved Hitler, hated Jews, and denied the Holocaust.

If you read what he said and printed, then you know these talking points are all half truths, the deadliest of truths to try and defend or refute.

Now, to even use the word Jew or Holocaust in a spoken or written sentence is toxic. It’s like touching a live power wire. One doesn’t dare do it in polite, or even impolite company.

The story of Zundel is complex and beyond the attention span of today’s human. It cannot be boiled down to a few minutes.

Even before fakeology, I was always interested, like most, in what I was told to detest and defy. I chose the contrarian path, and was even more interested in what was verboten.

I will never accept the term denier for any of my views.

Questioner is fine, and should be a label everyone is ok with wearing.

The usual sad and sick hypocrisy from those who tell us what to think:


That Zundel was still spreading these views very much upset the Jewish Defence League, whose Canadian director Meir Weinstein commented Sunday: “Hitler Lover Ernst Zundel is dead … Time for a party.”Ernst Zundel

Anyone who celebrates another human’s death is mentally ill, especially against one holding a thought contrary to their own.

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