9/11 victim identified 16 years after attacks

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Another fake story about the century’s biggest fake event – which will be back at the top of the news in about a month. Sweet 16 coming up!

  • can we get the total death count straight writers? This story says 2977 (1111), but wikedpedia says 2996. Hoi’s vicsim report has counted 2875.
  • new DNA technology? Are there any reports of a breakthrough in identifying ash blown across Manhattan? DNA is likely a hoax as well
  • after all that work identifying the vicsim, we can’t even get their identity? The irony is amusing
  • this is nothing new: too many of the vicsims of 9/11 look like candles already.[Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.]

NEW YORKIt has been nearly 16 years since the September 11th attacks on America, but the job of identifying the victims has still not come to an end.The New York City’s Medical Examiner’s Office announced this week that it has identified another victim of that deadly day, USA Today reported.>> Read more trending newsThe man, who is not being named at the request of the family, was the first to be identified since 2015.New DNA technology was able to find out who the man was. Past tests came back with no results.The September. 11 attacks killed 2,977 when hijackers crashed planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Source: 9/11 victim identified 16 years after attacks

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