Exploding houses 

likes this

John Adams and Chris talk about exploding houses at 1:35:00. 

They’re probably mini jobs. 

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3 thoughts on “Exploding houses 

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  2. ab Post author

    Fridges are now part of the narrative of exploding houses and fires.
    How can a fridge falling on you be a good thing?

    A woman survived a gas blast which destroyed a house because a fridge fell on her, her sister has said.

  3. xileffilex

    We’ve just had one of these phoney exploding houses in North East England yesterday – and it was being filmed [lol!]

    Police said the blast was caused by a gas explosion.
    A spokesman added: “It is now understood that the incident occurred as a result of a gas explosion and there was no third party involvement.

    Nothing to see, move along please. Just a gas explosion which someone happened to be filming with great foresight/luck……
    Even better/more ridiculous, the alleged inhabitant of the house was saved by a FRIDGE [hot Grenfell psy-op topic] falling on her. LOL!
    How was that communicated? By her sister on FACEBOOK, naturally.

    Can anyone be in doubt that all these “gas powered” house explosions are all done deliberately for the media? Controlled demolition I’d say.

    “The woman had been in her bathroom getting ready to go out when the explosion happened, the emergency services said.”
    so she keeps her fridge in her bathroom


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