Charlottesville, Virginia False Flag August 12, 2017 +Car Ramming, KKK and Police Involvement 

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Zach says it’s clear the police run these protests. I’m sure real people tag along and (get in the way) but the counter protesters wearing police riot helmets, carrying shields and batons makes it too obvious.

’s take:

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14 thoughts on “Charlottesville, Virginia False Flag August 12, 2017 +Car Ramming, KKK and Police Involvement 

  1. UNreal

    The car portrayed in the Charlottesville Fast & Furious drive-by terror immediately reminded me of the KITT car* from Knight Rider, the famous 1980’s TV series starring Baywatch icon David Hasselhoff… Not sure if Knight Rider lore fits the script here, but the rear of these cars do have some uncanny ressemblance.

    *KITT – Knight Industries Two Thousand – a modified 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am model

    1. UNreal

      Drive-by killings seems a new terror spreading rapidly. What better than a TV series to drive it home with a Mercedes ?

      Stephen King worked a fitting script in his 2014 book “Mr. Mercedes” made into a homonyme TV-series this year – starring a driver disguised as a clown randomly killing innocent job-seeking americans (opening scene)

      Interestingly, in the TV drive-by horror captures these events from front view direct action as opposed to the news-coverage depictions that most commonly use the safer rear view..


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