FAK177-Paul Sandhu

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I interview a fellow Canadian (Toronto/GTA) truther.

When? Sunday, August 13, 2017 11:30am EDT


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napoleon wilsonToday at 12:00 PM

Email: psandhu23@icloud.com Website: www.flatearthtruths.com Blog: apocalypse2010.blogspot.com/ 2 Major Topics discussed on this channel: 1. Bible Doctrine and Prophecy 2. Evidence for a Flat Stationary Earth The purpose of this channel is to compare Current Events to Biblical prophecy to evaluate where we might stand today in regards to the fulfillment of The End of the World Prophecies. The Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles and Prophets wrote much about the end of this Present Evil World and the events that would precede such an end. The signs that Jesus Himself gave and the detailed information about The Day of the LORD in the Old Testament and the book of Revelation spell out plainly the events that must transpire before this World as we have always known it comes to an end. Are we witnessing these events today in the world?
neil sanders your thoughts are not your own

napoleon wilsonToday at 1:01 PM

The Wewelsburg symbol can be deconstructed into three swastikas; a “rising”, a “zenith” & a “setting” one, the design is popular among German Neo-Nazis as a replacement for the outlawed singular swastika symbol. Another interpretation is that the symbol incorporates twelve reversed “Sig runes” of the Armanen runes.
zool 2001
plus there is a book
2000 July 14 Pine Lake tornado, Alberta 2003 April 24 2003 Etobicoke gas explosion 2003 September 29 Hurricane Juan, Halifax, Nova Scotia area 2005 August 2 Air France Flight 358 at Toronto Pearson International Airport (0 deaths, known as the “Miracle in Toronto”) 2006 April 8 Shedden massacre, Shedden, Elgin County, Ontario 2006 September 30 De la Concorde overpass collapse, Laval, Quebec 2008 January 12 2008 Bathurst Boys in Red accident, Bathurst, New Brunswick 2009 March 12 Cougar Helicopters Flight 91 off of Newfoundland. 2010 September 21 Hurricane Igor, Cape Race, Newfoundland area 2011 June 2011 Assiniboine River flood, Manitoba 2011 May 15 Slave Lake fire, Alberta 2011 August 20 First Air Flight 6560 near Resolute, Nunavut 2011 August 21 Goderich Tornado, Goderich, Ontario 2012 February 26 Burlington derailment, Burlington, Ontario 2013 June 20–July 12 2013 Alberta floods, southwest Alberta around Calgary Region 2013 July 6 Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, Lac-Mégantic, Quebec 2013 September 18 Ottawa bus-train crash, Ottawa, Ontario 2014 January 23 L’Isle-Verte nursing home fire, L’Isle-Verte, Quebec 2014 August 4 Mount Polley mine disaster near Likely, British Columbia 2014 October 22 Ottawa Parliament Shooting Ottawa, Ontario 2015 July La Ronge wildfire, La Ronge, Saskatchewan 2016 January 22 La Loche shootings, La Loche, Saskatchewan 2016 March 29 2016 Magdalen Islands Mitsubishi MU-2 crash, Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec 2016 May 1–June 14 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire, Fort McMurray, Alberta 2017 January 29 Quebec City mosque shooting, Sainte-Foy, Quebec City, Quebec
Paul Kenneth Bernardo August 27, 1964 (age 52) Scarborough, Ontario, Canada Other names Paul Jason Teale the Scarborough Rapist the Schoolgirl Killer Criminal penalty Life imprisonment with a possibility of parole after 25 years; declared a dangerous offender in 1995 Spouse(s) Karla Homolka (1991–1994) Conviction(s) Murder, Sexual assault, Torture Killings Victims 3–4 killed; more than 13 rapes, at least 6 attempted Span of killings June 19, 1990 (possibly) December 24, 1990–April 19, 1992 Country Canada Date apprehended February 17, 1993

FakeologistToday at 1:16 PM

look up Air India I’m going to ask him about that

napoleon wilsonToday at 1:17 PM

Air India Flight 182 was an Air India flight operating on the Toronto–Montreal–London–Delhi route. On 23 June 1985, the Boeing 747-237B serving the flight (c/n 21473/330, registration VT-EFO, “Emperor Kanishka”) was destroyed by a bomb at an altitude of 31,000 feet (9,400 m). It crashed into the Atlantic Ocean while in Irish airspace. It was the first bombing of a 747 jumbo jet. A total of 329 people were killed, including 268 Canadian citizens, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens.[1] The incident was the largest mass murder in Canadian history, and the deadliest incident in the history of Air India. It was the deadliest terrorist attack involving an airplane until the September 11, 2001, attacks.[2] The bombing of Air India 182 occurred at the same time as the Narita Airport bombing. Investigators believe that the two plots were linked, and that those responsible were aiming for a double bombing. However, the bomb at Narita exploded before it could be loaded onto the plane.
23 June 1985 Summary Aviation bombing Site Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Ireland 51°3.6?N 12°49?WCoordinates: 51°3.6?N 12°49?W Passengers 307 Crew 22 Fatalities 329 (all) Survivors 0 Aircraft type Boeing 747-237B Aircraft name Emperor Kanishka Operator Air India Registration VT-EFO Flight origin Toronto (as Flight 181) Montréal-Mirabel Int’l Airport Mirabel, Quebec, Canada 1st stopover London Heathrow Airport London, United Kingdom 2nd stopover Indira Gandhi Int’l Airport New Delhi, India Destination Sahar International Airport Mumbai, India
Twenty years after the downing of Air India Flight 182, families gathered in Ahakista, Ireland to grieve. Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, on the advice of Prime Minister Paul Martin, declared the anniversary a national day of mourning. During the anniversary observances, Martin said that the bombing was a Canadian problem, not a foreign problem, saying, “Make no mistake: The flight may have been Air India’s, it may have taken place off the coast of Ireland, but this is a Canadian tragedy.”[143] In May 2007, Angus Reid Strategies released the results of public opinion polling of whether Canadians viewed the Air India bombing as a Canadian or Indian tragedy and who they blamed. Forty-eight per cent of respondents considered the bombing as a Canadian event, while twenty-two per cent thought it was a mostly Indian affair. Thirty-four per cent of those asked felt both CSIS and airport security personnel deserved a great deal of the blame in addition to twenty-seven per cent who believed the RCMP were largely to blame. Eighteen per cent mentioned Transport Canada.[144]
memorial for india crash ?
oops how did thatget in there
terminator seeds
things get weirder paul cheers x
thanks ab irato
a few comments
Just excellent. I can relate to this strongly. I lost my career and house due to health problems, and I also live everyday in pain from injuries sustained in a car wreck two years ago. The body does fail us..ALWAYS..and every material possession can be taken from you in the blink of an eye at any moment..even while in this world.
from youtube not me
James Walker1 year ago Paul, This video is the best I have yet seen from you. Please continue the series with love, charity, grace, etc.
Fakeologist1 year ago Lovely talk thanks.
braintarctica run

typoerrorToday at 1:43 PM


napoleon wilsonToday at 1:43 PM

great chat gents
ha typo

FakeologistToday at 1:44 PM

Thanks @Paul Sandhu great guest!

napoleon wilsonToday at 1:45 PM


FakeologistToday at 1:45 PM

Thanks for the links @napoleon wilson let’s encourage @Paul Sandhu to use the audiochat!

napoleon wilsonToday at 1:46 PM

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3 thoughts on “FAK177-Paul Sandhu

  1. ricky

    Fantastic interview Ab, I’ve been following Paul for years and felt this would be terrific even before hearing it. I came into fake media through the side door of finance as well, “follow the money” as they say. A very thoughtful, logical thinker not afraid to challenge so-called common knowledge. Another “ball earth “skeptic with a great amount of credibility in my eyes.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks! I received another lovely comment from Nick:

      Great job Ab, Paul Sandhu has a lot of wisdom to offer, whether you’re religious or not. His presentation of the Biblical perspective was/is thought provoking and not a hard sell. You have a good way with people, I’m sure it helps in everyday life, but it shines in your’ interviews, keep it up. Nick

  2. marin2

    GMO’s don’t exist. What dirtbags Montsanto does do how ever is selling to the farmer’s “one year” inferior seeds , telling them these seeds are genetically modified and therefor are far superior to their own seeds. As they have to use Roundup as a pesticide , the negative side is, the plant cann’t reproduce itsself, they are told. Its all bogus man.


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