AC0346-John le Bon makes up with Kham

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The audiochats get bigger and better. Thanks to all the participants.

So many topics, one day I’ll write them down. If anyone wants to make a list of keywords, that would help.

We did mention this old podcast:

Who? John Le Bon, Kham, Ab, Napoleon



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7 thoughts on “AC0346-John le Bon makes up with Kham

  1. justmaybe

    I heard kham say “she wanted brown kids” in a podcast and nearly lost my muffin. All credibility went right out the fucking window. What kind of self race hating propaganda did this chick fall for? What kind of person doesn’t want their fucking children to look like them!? White guilt is an abomination and kham should forever hide under a shell.

  2. Bob Czz

    About 2 weeks ago Jon Le Bon was talking about how there are NO paid shills on social media sites. Is he NUTS? The ONLY people who would make such a statement are paid shills themselves.

    1. John le Bon

      I never said that, neither two weeks ago nor any other time. You are either a liar or, more likely, an honest fool.

      Produce evidence for your accusations or apologise like a gentleman.

      What I have said in the past, many times, is that I am not convinced these ‘paid shills’ exist, or that they need to exist for the purposes of the the people who run the show.

      There are plenty of regular people who are happy to lie, slander, and discredit one another, entirely for free. Why would TPWRTS need to pay ‘shills’ to do dirty work which people like you are happy to do in your spare time?

      Kind regards,

      1. Bob Czz

        What you corrected me on is exactly what you said. Thanks for the correction. I have been on many social media sites since 911. Almost on a daily basis. I can tell you for a FACT paid shills exist. The machine I like to call it really depends on these shills for their operations. Without them the TRUTH would spread like wild fire. For a researcher such as yourself to claim these shills don’t exist is nonsensical, unless you are one.

        1. John le Bon

          When I say that

          I am not personally convinced that ‘paid shills’ exist (or need to exist)

          this is clearly not the same thing as me saying that

          ‘paid shills’ do not exist.

          If you need this explained to you, then I would be wasting my time explaining anything to you.

          Indeed, I have wasted too much time explaining such basic concepts to ‘truthers’ in the past.

          If one does not even know or understand concepts like subjective vs objective, then their opinion is worth no more to me than that of a child; the child may in fact have something more worthwhile to say.

          Good day, sir.

  3. antipodean

    Just a thought on the evolution thing and how do Homo Sapiens know what they’re suppose to eat.
    Why do people from the far East living in a similar climate, look so different to Europeans ?


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