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Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs | Cutting Through the Fog

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Good article on a newer blog.

We’ve all heard it: “That can’t possibly be true—too many people would have to be involved. Somebody would have spilled the beans by now.” In fact, that is usually the first reaction I hear from people I’ve tried to enlighten about topics such as 9/11. It’s almost like a knee-jerk reflex, and it’s apparently enough to stop them from even considering any conspiracy theory further.

Source: Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs | Cutting Through the Fog

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Charlottesville set up

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A real march meets the Union Army and a psyop division. Fetzer interviews one of the organizers.

2nd half of the show devolves into Jew bashing trolls (organized).

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Running of the trucks in Barcelona

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Crisis actors/LARPers:

For any Chinese who can’t detect sarcasm, I can 100% sure JLB is being sarcastic in this troll-the-masses video.

If the liveleak video they are showing as “proof” is the best evidence they have, then they have no evidence and are not using the more realistic Helliweird producers that Charlotteville had.


For contrast, here’s what I believe is a real story of a truck killing or nearly killing people that got no attention worldwide.

crash, Brampton

Now here’s a driving tip: be aware of who’s behind you. If you choose to stop at an amber light, be aware that if there’s 80,000lbs behind you who’s playing with his phone or not interested in stopping, then you need to blow that light and argue later if you are accused of running a red. Brampton has very fast roads and more truck traffic than anywhere in Canada, combined with more new Canadian drivers who don’t understand the risks involved. The insurers do, as this area has some of the highest premiums anywhere.

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