Charlottesville set up

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A real march meets the Union Army and a division. Fetzer interviews one of the organizers.

2nd half of the show devolves into trolls (organized).

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6 thoughts on “Charlottesville set up

  1. willard

    @TD, thanks for posting. Although I am new to your work I believe it has merit, especially the wildcard of a non-material source to media synchronicities.

    1. Terran Downvale

      Thanks, Willard. The idea that media manipulation goes this deep is quite mind-blowing. But what is even more mind-blowing is that it may not just be about “scriptwriters making up stories.” I think whatever is going on here is far deeper than we ever could have imagined! It’s not just about “political agendas” or “material gain.” If you really look at it closely enough, the very nature of our reality is in question. Perhaps everything else is just a distraction.

  2. Terran Downvale

    Anyone here following the Charlottesville event and the resulting PLANNED FALLOUT, please check out my comments on the recent JLB podcast post and my related G+ posts on a particularly aggressive and obvious in-joke/mind-game the media has been playing these past couple of days regarding Steve Bannon’s White House departure. I can’t let this go over everyone’s heads. To me, this seems like the kind of thing you can show a “regular person” who is unaware that the media is a JOKE. OR that we live in a magically precise synchronistic universe. Either revelation should be the REAL “headline news.”

    My Fakeologist comments:…

    My related G+ posts:………

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