Running of the trucks in Barcelona

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Crisis actors/LARPers:

For any Chinese who can’t detect sarcasm, I can 100% sure JLB is being sarcastic in this troll-the-masses video.

If the liveleak video they are showing as 0;proof” is the best evidence they have, then they have no evidence and are not using the more realistic Helliweird producers that Charlotteville had.


For contrast, here’s what I believe is a real story of a truck killing or nearly killing people that got no attention worldwide.

crash, Brampton

Now here’s a driving tip: be aware of who’s behind you. If you choose to stop at an amber light, be aware that if there’s 80,000lbs behind you who’s playing with his phone or not interested in stopping, then you need to blow that light and argue later if you are accused of a red. Brampton has very fast roads and more truck traffic than anywhere in Canada, combined with more new Canadian drivers who don’t understand the risks involved. The insurers do, as this area has some of the highest premiums anywhere.

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7 thoughts on “Running of the trucks in Barcelona

  1. davieb

    it’s a fake story, look at the numbers ab buddy
    5:07 =12 reverse 21
    male (1) in 40’s female (1) in 50’s=911

    from the toronto star:

    Two people have been taken to hospital with serious injuries after a two-vehicle collision in Brampton Thursday morning.

    Peel police Const. Harinder Sohi said the crash happened at 5:07 a.m. in the area of Dixie Rd. and Queen St. E, where a tractor trailer rear ended a taxi.

    Sohi said the two passengers in the cab, a male in his mid 40s and a female in her early 50s, remain in hospital in critical condition.

    Paramedics said they were rushed to a trauma centre with life-threatening injuries while the driver of the cab was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

    The driver of the truck who remained on scene was uninjured.

    The intersection is closed for police investigation.

    Police are waiting to speak to the victims who remain in hospital before providing more information.

  2. xileffilex

    Sorry, Ab, I’m not convinced at all by the Brampton truck crash – 5.10 AM is a good time to stage it. Looks like our Firefighter heroes have already done their work for the press photographer. “life threatening injuries” is a recurring hoax phrase, as with “loved ones”.

    1. ab Post author

      It’s ok. 5:10am is actually quite busy in Brampton. It is odd that they admit no skid marks, and if he did fall asleep as claimed, that car would have pushed down the road much farther. I’ll leave this case open.

    2. ab Post author

      Also, the crash scene is a block away from a big police station. No skid marks doesn’t make sense. If he didn’t brake hard, then the car would be flattened and/or pushed much farther than it was. I will file this under suspicious. It’s harder to see hoaxes when they’re so close.

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