AC350-K,Ab,Napoleon on the eclipse

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We stare at the sun.

The small dot below the sun shows the eclipse (not sure how it gets there optically). 

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2 thoughts on “AC350-K,Ab,Napoleon on the eclipse

    1. UNreal

      Interesting part in the video where the light emitted by the sun during the eclipse behave contrary to expected – if we remain entrapped in a modern universe model where planets are made up of matter and where actual mass is being needed to both create gravity and explain light in sky.

      Of course we will never resolve the origin of what we observe in the sky if we are not capable of making the simple observation that water and oceans are flat* and that phenomena like eclipses happen on a plane and level surface and not limited by physics in any material way. The sun and moon are not the result of any type of burning material, or flying lumps of matter in the air. Sunlight and moonlight simply appear immaterial and formed from, or with the help of atmospheric electricity (the more voltage higher you go).

      So speculating a bit :
      •as commonly observed, stars looks like mere lights in the sky, and so does the Sun and the Moon. The similar trajectories, light emitting capacities and sizes of the Sun and the Moon speak for them both are one and the same and not distinct from each other.
      •Just as the stars appears as flickering light – so does the Sun and Moon, only they “flicker” at a rate and pattern we can observe and analyse as their scale is so different from the other lights/stars in sky. The figure of the Yin and the Yang comes to mind as it well illustrates how the sun and moon seem to be one and the same – not separate objects but the same light emitting phenomena. We need no material to fly anywhere- the sun and the moon do not obey to any material law as they are not made of heavy material hurdling though space..

      *most Flat Sea critics look at the sky, stars, sun and moon for clues about the shape of the earth – but they are mistaken – the most important observation that we can verify for ourselves is the flatness of the ocean and the lakes which is in our power to verify with accuracy and hence base any further speculation upon.

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