Happy summer fakeologists!

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Went to the beach today before the weather turned cool. Turns out I have rarely dipped into the cold Lake Ontario over most of my 50 years – scared of E. Coli, crowds, and other excuses.

The beach was empty, the water ~68F/20C, the air 26C. So nice to ground myself in the soft sand. THIS is what life’s all about – enjoying the beauty and peace of where we live.

Moral of the story: take as many breaks with nature as you can. Lowering your stress and enjoying the outdoors is better than any artificial medication.

Oh, and spread the word! Draw in the sand!

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1 thought on “Happy summer fakeologists!

  1. ricky

    Nice post Ab, it always has a nice grounding effect getting outside and especially into some water. I was impressed by the coarse sand, much like ocean sand, the lakes I’ve been to have had muddy shorelines. Maybe because your’ lakes are the size of small oceans, I’ll look into it.

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