AC0351-Ab,Harryell,John Le Bon,Napoleon,Unreal,Tom Dalpra

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A monster audiochat. Set it and forget it.

New Aussie voice Harryell from Melbourne, Australia

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3 thoughts on “AC0351-Ab,Harryell,John Le Bon,Napoleon,Unreal,Tom Dalpra

  1. teardropexplodes

    Epic chat. Listened over a coupla days. Good to hear Tom again. Towards the end you touched on Creation Records and Oasis. I read the autobiography of Alan Mcgee, Creation’s svengali manager the other day and some interesting stuff came up. He mentioned being obsessed with Crowley and he said he was his hero. He also said Paul McCartney is also obsessed with him and quoted a Sgt. Pepper’s line, “it was 20 years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.” He pointed out that Crowley died 20 years before the album’s release and that Crowley is in fact Sgt. Pepper. In the book he also described a meal he had with Tony Blair and other New Labour toadies (McGee was instrumental in Blair’s first election campaign). Thing is, Jimmy Savile was there and he behaved as though he was the boss. He said we will never know the truth about who Savile really was but he was certainly not just an ordinary DJ.
    McGee also made a film about magick titled Kubricks!
    All very strange. I’ve never really seen anyone in the conspiracy realm researching him which is odd considering the effect he had on British culture.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Very interesting. Might have to find a copy of that book.
      Yes, there seems plenty of unexplored ground in the realm of British popular music.

      My little ‘telling factoid’ of the week is that when Arsenal FC won their first famous ‘Double’ in May 1971 the number one record in the charts that day was… Double Barrel by Dave and Ansil Collins on Trojan Records.

  2. ricky

    I’m still listening after a few hours, what I’ve gleaned so far is Ab is solid as usual and “Unreal” makes some compelling points, an impressive thinker. (Also the more I understand Napoleon, the smarter he sounds, a great contributor!) JLB is a very smart and personable cat, however I don’t believe there is enough real information to commit to the ball earth. I can’t do it and I’m more than twice his age. Great stuff guys!


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