1 thought on “Liberal Imperium: Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment 

  1. antipodean

    Very informative thanks for Posting.
    These Round Table groups and Think Tanks that run the World today. Have their roots manifested in the Boer War conflict. The Boers trying to protect their land from the British who wanted to extract the Precious Natural Resources.
    The Round Table groups were set up as a result of the battering the UK army received from the Boers guerrilla war fare tactics, their women and children were herded into the world’s first concentration camps.

    One name that is rarely mentioned is the Wealthy South African mining magnate Abe Bailey. He was a traitor who helped set up the failed Jameson raids.www.angloboerwar.com/other-inf…
    Bailey showed where his loyalties were by Bank Rolling the setting up of Chatham House home of the ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’, which spawned ‘The Council on Foreign Relations’


    and in the early twenties gave 100 000 pounds to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London to secure its future. In 1923, it moved into Chatham House and five years later Bailey promised the institute another 5000 pounds per annum (then half its total running costs) in perpetuity.


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