Pat on 9/11

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Here’s another writer you may never have noticed before. Reading quickly, I disagree with the nukes, holograms, and many other of his points, but he makes a decent summary for your perusal.

The attacks on September 11th happened more than 15 years ago, yet continue to frequent the conversation topics on any a conspiracy-related forum, e.g. podcasts, blogs, discussion boards, from the most to the least fringe. This is because the event itself has become of greatest importance as a lens or template with which to analyze future actions, rather than an active investigation to ‘solve ’ or bring perpetrators to justice. I want federal law enforcement to do its job and for justice to be done, but when virtually the entire shadow government is of the same stripe as the perpetrators themselves, if not the actual perpetrators in some cases, this outcome cannot be realistically expected. Thus, the most important objective of ‘9/11 Truth’ must be to prevent future psychological operations from succeeding, and to dull the blade of clandestine intel community in such operations by promoting critical examination of these kinds of events among the general population.

Source: The Case for No Planes – pats-blog

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