CC 22 : The Clues Chronicle Examines Albert Einstein

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The world’s leading alchemical narrative device, Albert One Stone, was a star for most of the 20th century. He was the leading sales(wo)man of the atom bomb.

Some good talk about his role selling the nuclear bomb as well. K reminded us that the official nuke bomb story is that it requires a massive conventional TNT (Alfred Nobel) bomb to set off the nuclear part. How convenient.

One of my favorite songs by Canadian band Rush called Marathon with some  great lyrics on the nuke bomb (hoax).

It’s not how fast you can go
The force goes into the flow
If you pick up the beat
You can forget about the heat
More than just survival
More than just a flash
More than just a dotted line
More than just a dash
It’s a test of ultimate will
The heartbreak climb uphill
Got to pick up the pace
If you want to stay in the race
More than just blind ambition
More than just simple greed
More than just a finish line
Must feed this burning need
In the long run
From first to last
The peak is never passed
Something always fires the light
That gets in your eyes
One moment’s high
And glory rolls on by
Like a streak of lightning
That flashes and fades
In the summer sky
Your meters may overload
You can rest at the side of the road
You can
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2 thoughts on “CC 22 : The Clues Chronicle Examines Albert Einstein

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    I got a great deal of enjoyment listening to this podcast.. a thousand thanks to Kham and Hoi Polloi for it.

    My irony chain got yanked pretty mightily by Kham being open minded to real science and then telling me the world is a sphere becasue the arithmetic works… I realised why she has this view … it is because it fits Simon Shacks “almost ready” cosmological model. Oi vay. Perhaps Kham can explain how we can have an atmosphere AND and infinite vacuum of space without a barrier betweent the two? Or perhaps Simon Shack can?

    The program also alluded to and then sidestepped the issue of Jewry in this topic. Modern science is entirely based on the Kabbalah from the Talmud. The idea of a firmament, a Creator and a Creation is from the Torah (the Old Testament). Modern Jewry views the Torah as a quaint fairy tale.

    The conflict between the deception of modern science and the engineers view of the physical reality is simply the battle between Modern Jewry rejecting the Torah and embracing the Talmud. Einstein, Freud, Oppenheimer etc etc are all Talmudic Jews, this is why their “science’ is simply a retelling of Kabbalist mysticism.


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