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What city did they drop the bomb on again?

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I know I’ve posted this theme before. This time a local droner went over to Japan to take the shots, and I found complementary footage from another droner.

Don’t forget, we’re told that radiation from the “plutonium bomb” has a half life (half gone away) of 25,000 years (clearly give or take 25,000 years or so). Laughable link.

If you are still worried about Kim il Yum Yum nuking the world, you’d best study the history of atoms and such and put your head at rest knowing it’s all a Royal Scam.

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Rich Hall gets it wrong

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Not too many people dare challenge September Clues and Simon’s research. This group (including Jooody Wood shill Andrew Johnson) don’t do a very convincing job arguing against Simon’s seminal work, September Clues.

h/t Delcroix

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FAC355-Ab,John Adams, Napoleon Wilson, LSD33

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New voice LSD33 joins Ab to become the Sir of Eastern Canada, hailing from the fair province of New Brunswick. Old voices John Adams and Napoleon talk solar panels, fake energy, red pills.

Something for everybody.

Shout out to Durham student fakeologist O.

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