FAC355-Ab,John Adams, Napoleon Wilson, LSD33

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New voice LSD33 joins Ab to become the Sir of Eastern Canada, hailing from the fair province of New Brunswick. Old voices John Adams and Napoleon talk solar panels, fake energy, red pills.

Something for everybody.

Shout out to Durham student fakeologist O.

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:08 PM

we have activity
ab rocks
the dog days of summer

SilverbeamToday at 5:28 PM

Is there a way to listen without connecting?

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:29 PM

fakeolgist radio

SilverbeamToday at 5:29 PM

ah, thanks

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:29 PM

ab wont mind if your quiet

SilverbeamToday at 5:30 PM


napoleon wilsonToday at 5:30 PM

limited time pal x

SilverbeamToday at 5:59 PM

havent got a mic, sorry

delcroixToday at 6:34 PM

there ya go ab and den

napoleon wilsonToday at 6:47 PM

delcroix x

delcroixToday at 6:47 PM

hi den

napoleon wilsonToday at 6:47 PM

what else did ab want me to look up i was listening again

delcroixToday at 6:47 PM

can’t remember lol

napoleon wilsonToday at 6:47 PM

i should stop paying attention
willy wonka x
Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station is a nuclear power station located 2 km northeast of Point Lepreau, New Brunswick, Canada. The facility was constructed between 1975-1983 by NB Power, the provincially owned public utility. The facility de…

n July 2010, the Government of New Brunswick, led at that time by the Liberal Party, signed an agreement with French nuclear manufacturer Areva to study the feasibility of a new light water nuclear plant on the Point Lepreau property. In September 2010 the Progressive Conservative Party gained power and the plan was shelved by the incoming premier shortly after the election.[6][7]
However, numerous problems started to surface in the mid to late 1990s, due to poor maintenance and low investment.[11] In mid-January 1997, a leak in the reactor core forced a third shutdown in 2 years. The 75-day stoppage was caused by an unlocked feeder pipe. The human error cost C$40 million in repairs and C$450,000/day to purchase replacement power from Quebec.[12]
In 1990, assistant plant operator Daniel George Maston was charged after he took a sample of heavy water, contaminated with tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, from the moderator system and loaded it into a cafeteria drink dispenser.[1

napoleon wilsonToday at 7:54 PM

FakeologistToday at 7:58 PM

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:00 PM

this my map
this the cheapest way to travel

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:56 PM

delcroixToday at 8:59 PM

never got a notification from bandcamp , i could’ve been listening to this since august

delcroixToday at 9:01 PM

grabbed it up for €11.09 + new EU “tax”€2.30 , bastages

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:01 PM

fakeologist mark one

delcroixToday at 9:04 PM

copyright this lol

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:08 PM

the fakeologist eyes its prey this majestic beast eats curverts mainly but just every now and then he will subsidise his diet with truth seekers and pterdactiles



delcroixToday at 9:08 PM

smart maxwell

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:10 PM

delcroixToday at 9:10 PM


napoleon wilsonToday at 9:14 PM

214 here

delcroixToday at 9:15 PM

great radio lads
i mean great chat

FakeologistToday at 9:17 PM

thanks! another great voice @lsd33









napoleon wilsonToday at 9:17 PM

cheers gents

FakeologistToday at 9:17 PM

who knew New Ireland?

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:17 PM

dels king there
im queen

FakeologistToday at 9:18 PM

del found the fakeologist emojis

delcroixToday at 9:18 PM


FakeologistToday at 9:19 PM

thanks @napoleon wilson for your courage




napoleon wilsonToday at 9:19 PM

i try x
dutch courage =33

delcroixToday at 9:20 PM

dodo bill
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