Rich Hall gets it wrong

likes this

Not too many people dare challenge and Simon’s research. This group (including Jooody Wood shill Andrew Johnson) don’t do a very convincing job arguing against Simon’s seminal work, September Clues.

h/t Delcroix

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2 thoughts on “Rich Hall gets it wrong

  1. tokarski

    I really don’t know what to make of Hall and Johnson … disinfo, or useful idiots. Johnson has done tons of work on chemtrails, enough to convince me it is nothing to worry about. Oh, wait, that is not his point! I tried to convey to Hall that Megan McCann is just another JonBenet never-to–be-solved psyop. No avail. Johnson was very quick to drop me from his mailing list when I expressed doubts about Wood. That is often a sign of a spook … they are told to cease contact immediately with doubters, which explains why I was never able to get into Clues Forum.

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