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I use this headline in tribute to Simon’s latest album.  

I’ve noticed a pattern of sons and daughters of police veterans being killed. 

Clearly it1;s a dangerous position to hold. 

The most famous Toronto case was the Todd Bayliss murder. 

He was allegedly killed by a Jamaican bad boy, coincidentally in the building right across the street from his police station. 

The street his police station is on was renamed in his honor. 

This story shows that the police families settled for some large sum, but of course, since the story is likely fabricated, we can’t know the amount. It even appears that lawyer Tim Danson is the go to lawyer for all these fishy events in Ontario. 

Could this be a similar story?

As usual, the emotional tugs are over represented in this story. 

Const. Tristan Kettles was the kind of guy who was always there for his community.

Peel Regional Police have been “rocked” by the car crash death of a “popular” and “much loved” copper.

“Just an awesome young man and a terrific police officer,” said Black, president of the Peel Regional Police Association. “He would come to help at a drop of a hat.”

And not just during working hours.…

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