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9/11 in language

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Anyone else hate that 9/11 is in the lexicon?

The innovation is the simple term “9/11,” which Americans use to refer to both the date of the attacks and the attacks themselves.While the term might not seem very special at first glance, “9/11” — pronounced “nine eleven” — defies the way Americans typically refer to calendar dates.  Our independence day is “July Fourth” or the “Fourth of July,” but never “seven four.”

Source: The surprising effect 9/11 had on the English language – Business Insider

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FAC358-John Adams, Ab, Notsofreemason.mp3

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We talk about Fat Osama bin Laden, iGen, and Disneyworld.


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FAC357-9/11 Clips with Ab

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On this holiest of holy days to the ghouls who run the world, I surf for some clips and play them for you.

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