2 thoughts on “Irked by Irma 

  1. farcevalue

    For a fakeologist, I am ashamed to say bought into the Irma fear porn hook line and sinker. I am a resident of South Florida and had availability to do a massive amount of preparation for this storm. We have a history of flooding in this particular neighborhood, so everything in the house of value was elevated. Completely emptied a tin tool shed in the back yard convinced everything in it would be airborn. Items were stored on screened in patio with roll up shutters (which have hurricane reinforcements) and doubly reinforced with timber and barricades. Never mind a 185 mph wind would take it away regardless. Relocated to higher ground for the duration of the storm to save vehicles in case of flooding. Most of the neighbors stayed.

    Upshot: Lots of downed branches and a few trees (none of ours), downed fences (not ours), no flooding no damage. Power outage for 6 days. I think they have to confirm the integrity of the lines and transformers one by one before they bring sectors back up.

    Good opportunity to purge and reorganize, but not necessary by a stretch. I have a feeling that even if the reporting is accurate in terms of wind speed, it is nearly always diminished by the time it reaches this area. The rhetoric was completely over the top and absolutely nerve-wracking, especially in combination with the graphics. There was definitely a hurricane, much like many I have seen over the years. Inconvenient and worrisome but the level of hype was unwarranted. Being prepared is always a good idea. I regret nothing, but will refrain from any first hand ingestion of media on the next one.

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