Unclear subs 

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The best place to conduct a lie is where people can’t see. As above, so below, 0;space” and underwater. 

With few able to check, these are great places to make up fiction, science fiction, as in Jules Verne, responsible for most modern fiction a century later. 

Here’s a misdirection hoax story. Most that understand the Great Lakes know this story is impossible, but how many take it a step further and question how much of the submarine story is fake? 

We know they exist on the surface, but once they go under water and out of sight, what exactly is going on? Is this where Hellyweird takes over? 


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1 thought on “Unclear subs 

  1. xileffilex

    Rae West calls out unclear subs at about 19:30 in this recent chat

    [I’m not recommending either speaker, the host is a clown imo and I get bored with West’s Jewbashing.]

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