Dieselgate is a hoax 

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The only real scandal is that VW is the leader in diesel tech and their cars get mileage rivaling electric cars without the distance limitation, among other advantages. Do any American cars get 5l/100km? 

I doubt any fines are paid, or any fixes made. This is a wholesale   restructuring of the world’s leading car manufacturer to defeat strong unions and rebuild another power paradigm. 

The only way VW could be stopped in its clean, efficient diesel juggernaut is to create a fake tech story that noone could ever see or prove (software is invisible to most) and force their hands into blowing up the whole company. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were given all this 0;fine” money to retool into the electric universe. 

Either way, this story only computes, like 9/11, when it’s taken as false. 

Remember, Germany is US occupied, including its corporations. This was engineered from the start. 


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