Rocker Tom Petty’s persona dead at 66

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I wish they timed this death better – if it’s not as we are told. Vegas owns the media right now, so this amazing rocker deserved a few days of his own.

Tom Petty, an old-fashioned rock superstar and everyman who drew upon the Byrds, the Beatles and other bands he worshipped as a boy and produced new classics such as Free Fallin,’ Refugee and American Girl, has died. He was 66.

Source: Rocker Tom Petty dead at 66 – Entertainment – CBC News

I am a musicologist too – listening to endless hours in the 70s to now.

I didn’t realise (until I looked now) the amazing depth of Petty’s library. I hope it gets the kick it deserves.

Too many coincidences to note on this one, but fitting that the lead Heartbreaker dies of a heart attack.

or not, amazing . RIP Tommy Petty, persona.

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1 thought on “Rocker Tom Petty’s persona dead at 66

  1. Tom Dalpra

    I like a bit of Tom Petty, myself.
    I just made a comment on another post, but thought I might just mention it here as well.

    There’s an obvious connection between the Manchester, England Arianna Grande Attack and the Route 91 concert shooting in Vegas in that they are two major attacks that happened at concerts just 4 months apart.
    What are the odds then that on the day each of these attacks were reported to a shocked public they were accompanied by reports of the death of a major popular icon ?

    In the case of the Manchester attack we had the announcement of the death of well-loved James Bond actor Roger Moore, I said at the time, the announcement, at least, seemed deliberately timed.
    The announcement yesterday of musical icon Petty’s death – 66 – is an interesting parallel and again I can’t help but think it was there to help enhance the ‘blackness’ of the ‘black day’.

    People do drop dead at all ages. It does happen. Maybe Petty did croak and ‘they’ just kept him on ice to time the announcement for this Country Music festival extravaganza. Maybe !

    I did read Petty had said recently it might be his last tour with the Heartbreakers. This made me wonder a bit. He was only 66. Why would he not be keeping going ?
    I don’t know if he’s alive or dead, but certainly there’s something VERY tidy about the timing.

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