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Blue Moon used to comment here – he is one of my favorite fakeologist writers for sure.

I walk in and out of a hospital almost every workday. During a crisis, beyond the private security in the building, local police help with crowd control. My hospital is part of a state university so the campus has its own full time police department. When needed in the building, officers are stationed in the public pathways, not in the ICU or convalescent areas. To secure a portion of a hospital for phantom vicsims beyond public scrutiny would not be difficult. The police are certainly not going to ask inconvenient questions when so deployed.

To keep the press at bay, if there is such a press of true inquiry, hospital spokespeople, administrative types, would be the source for the “facts”. Sometimes doctors speak into the banks of microphones, but you can guess what kind of person in such a position has had to rationalize over the course of his career. I simply don’t trust the media, so I’m of no help here. (The performance of Coroner Carver at is a classic example of why I can’t trust any official declaration in the aftermath of these stage shows)

Hospitals are not places for mavericks and free thinkers. The people employed follow the rules, malpractice threats being what they are. They are not military facilities, per se, but if told to jump, those in scrubs and even white coats ask: How high? Hospitals run on grants, state appropriations and donations from extremely wealthy people. They are well oiled machines to process the living and the dying, and turn a profit as they go. They are tightly controlled environments.

Ambulance companies in Clark County are privately owned. AMR and the recently licensed Community Ambulance, which began operations last year, have all the business in Vegas. The state of Nevada does not fund mobile medical units in Clark County. The CIA had it’s own airline (Air America) and the concept of Intel owning its own ambulance fleet and manning them with military personnel tricked out in EMT garb does not break any laws of physics. Any business in Las Vegas is likely owned in part by the corporations that allow business to take place in that huge sandbox. A new EMS outfit being installed in the county could very well have been part of the planning. How long will Community Ambulance personnel remain in their jobs before moving out of the area?

As for California being overrepresented on the vicsims’ list, off the top of my head, they were probably culled from several military bases the Golden State plays host to. Is that too logical?

The few videos I have seen are not convincing in selling this “massacre”. Plus, they probably would not be admissible as evidence, or would be picked apart by any professional cameraman or editor under oath. I think of Orson Welles’ film of ‘Macbeth’ where he made a couple dozen extras look like an entire army by utilizing camera angles and rhythmic editing. Videos should be the last port of call for bolstering the official view, IMO. That medium is way too malleable.

In the aggregate, I stand by the claim of a crime free hoax. If personnel are actually injured, I imagine the waivers signed when sworn in for duty look a lot like any industrial worker’s contract. As Super Chicken frequently reminded his assistant, Fred: “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”

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