Flying people

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This story skirts my fako radar since it’s so big – big in the sense that would they really close a major artery – both ways – in the middle of the day to stage a crash? Hundreds of thousands are delayed and inconvenienced by this. Would they really?

The main point of the story is that people flew out of the minivan, into opposing traffic – and didn’t die. This indicates they were not wearing their seatbelts.

This is get people into seatbelts week here in Ontario.


Eight people are lucky to be alive after a minivan smashed into a guardrail and rolled over, sending bodies flying out of the vehicle onto the QEW in Burlington.…

“Fortunately nobody was hit after being ejected,” he said, explaining motorists somehow managed to avoid striking the people who were thrown into the westbound lanes.

The eight occupants suffered various injuries. Two, believed to be co-workers, were rushed to hospital in critical condition and remained in serious condition on Wednesday, Schmidt said. A third victim was taken to hospital in serious condition.

With bumper to bumper traffic, often traveling at 120km/h – and no one hit a windshield, no one was run over? I travel this road, and that defies possibility.

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1 thought on “Flying people

  1. xileffilex

    “..would they really…?”
    Well, yes they would. I guess it was just a cinema stunt, followed by a EMT drill. They don’t care who’s inconvenienced by their accident drills.

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