8 thoughts on “Jay Dyer on Vegas HRDPAR

  1. willard

    In the comment section in of one of Dyer’s talks, he informs one of the commenters that a death was confirmed in the shooting. Dyer says the decedent was from his home town and Jay knows real people died because they had a memorial service there.

    Jay, Dave McGowan’s shoes are mighty big to fill.

    If someone could explain the behavior of a human by the name of Mike Cronk I will forgo awarding Jay Dyer the annual Dave McGowan award.


    Cronk visits his friend who struck 3 times in the chest with high velocity military grade ammo. How is his friend faring? “Good” Cronk tells us.


      1. smj

        jay dyer went on full demagogue on one of those silly boiler room shows after the charlottesville event. he’s goes on hoaxbusterscall and acts like hes down with no nukes and jfk wasnt killed andwhatnot and then he does a thousand other shows and says its too complicated to figure out those obvious hustles. imagine talking to sean stone about the kennedys; how long would it take the stones to run a real fakeologist off? and speaking of austin’s boiler room; what kind of woman would call herself spore? it sounds contagious.

        ive been banned from two sites; dyer’s and ifers.

    1. willard

      Dave McGowan: Ultra-hip, trendy, maverick “researcher”. Edgey. Revered for his rapier wit and fearless integrity. Sadly, his reputation has been sullied by whispers of “gatekeeper” because an abject failure to grok* the most elementary of PSYOPS.

      Jay Dyer: See above.

      Verb informal
      understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

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