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FAK180-Interview with Folius Hattius and Patrix

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I’m interviewed on a Swedish podcast (in English) hosted by Folius Hattius and Patrix.

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STEVE PIECZENIK: LAS VEGAS = 911: DAVID KNIGHT: Nobody died, nobody got hurt

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Don’t hear this kind of chatter on Alex Jones or from a “CIA” operator too often.

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The Columbine effect | Piece of Mindful

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If you aren’t reading the POM blog and its comments, you should be. This is my kind of writing/thinking – big picture stuff. I hope Mark joins me in an audio conversation soon to discuss his most bang on research.

Of course, I go with door #4 – these are all staged #HRDPAR with the full backing of the military and its power pawns in civilian clothes. They are immoral, unethical, but legal.

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The Columbine effect

In the discussions below we have described a large herd out there, the unthinking majority of Americans, as “the 95%.” Some think that too generous. Perhaps half of the adults are easily herded into voting booths. They can easily be reduced to ridiculous debates about whether one of two despicable candidates, say Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, offers a better choice.

Half doesn’t bother to vote. Some might take comfort in that, as it is the proper choice. I  doubt, however, that the decision is a result of critical thought. They are just distracted by poverty, football, substance abuse, entertainment and low-paying repetitive jobs that destroy their minds. The sad conclusion is that the 95% are hopelessly under control, so that from the standpoint of those in power, their only task is to isolate them from the minority of people who do learn how to reason and solve problems.

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