FAK180-Interview with Folius Hattius and Patrix

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I’m interviewed on a Swedish podcast (in English) hosted by Folius Hattius and Patrix.

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3 thoughts on “FAK180-Interview with Folius Hattius and Patrix

  1. smj

    vegas was some deep state machurian, bobby seale, multiple shooters real bullet slingin’, real victim having prelude to the upcoming race war per jay fuckin’ dyer’s alt white make believe safe ferpodcastandbooksalesbullshit. im tired of that motherfucker.

    1. willard

      “You came here willingly?”

      Countess Marya Zaleska, the daughter of Dracula

      Daughter of Dracula


      Jay Dyer, philosophical type that he is, would overlook such B movie banter. Why he studied philosophy and wrote Esoteric Hollywood and everything. The hackneyed vampire myth is beneath a man like him.

      The Countess queries her victim, Lili, because, according to esoteric lore, the victim must invite the vampire in.

      Are you listening, Jay? In your philosophical studies, Jay, did you and your fellow sophists bandy around the idea that there exists a cosmic force for evil? A force that inevitably sets before us a temptation, to test us, only awaiting a willful act on our part to accept the evil. Our knowing, willful invitation to bite us in our neck and thus damn our immortal souls.

      The vampire myth is an allegory of the spiritual warfare between the malevolent force that seeks to corrupt us and our own higher nature.

      But It can not harm us unless we throw open the French doors and loosen our collars. To knock Truth aside and welcome Evil. All for the ephemeral, euphoric rush. The heart pumping, Faustian charge of being a Big Shot.

      Jay Dyer.

      Poor bastard.


      “You came here willingly?”

  2. watermanchris

    Accidently sent it before I finished. This is a continuation of the above

    9 to 11 minutes, it is a very small number in comparison to the 320 million or so people in the US. Nevertheless, almost everybody (including Jay Dyer) seems to know somebody who knows somebody who was “killed”. This seems highly unlikely and would require extraordinary evidence for me to believe.

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