5 thoughts on “STEVE PIECZENIK: LAS VEGAS = 911: DAVID KNIGHT: Nobody died, nobody got hurt

  1. willard

    Agreed. A milestone has been reached. I remember years ago when this gent first appeared on AJ.

    If a top shelf, first rate msm shill like SP is asserting no deaths..
    Perhaps a watershed event.

    1. Terran Downvale

      What are you getting at? That the “no deaths” idea is being hijacked and co-opted like Trump’s “fake news?” Take a look at all the death supporters claiming to know victims in the comments for the video. Shills springing into action? Pockets of the Future initially came out saying he believed people obviously died and then deleted his video when it didn’t go over well. Truth Media Revolution claims his nephew’s girlfriend’s step-father was shot in the attack. Do we have another contrived “truth community division” ahead?

      1. ab Post author

        There is no truth community to divide. Getting consensus is an impossible goal and would mean defeat for psyops. Their side does it for a career and our side a hobby. How is that fair?

        1. Terran Downvale

          Yeah, things on YouTube were somewhat different before the likely orchestrated “TransAsia Divide.” There was more of an illusion of a “community” at that point. I’m not sure how Pockets stands on the “no deaths” idea in general but TMR certainly leaned that way. And now he’s claiming a personal connection to a victim which is interesting. I really don’t get how when someone truly understand the “no deaths” rule and why, they could ever flip back to the idea of the government mass murdering its own citizens in “false flags.” They must have not ever understood the nature of psyops in the first place. Or they’re here to deliberately flip-flop.

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