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Stephen Paddock-every whack conspiracy meme under the sun

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No sim villain in the history of sims has ever been so heavily layered as Stephen Paddock. He needs his own category, SSV – super sim villain.

Not only did he rough up his overpriced imaginary hookers, but he thought 9/11 was a government run conspiracy!

Feel free to start a list of all the tropes this composite villain is made of. The idea of layering is to offend or attract as many beLIEvers as possible.

Paddock also boasted about his bank-robber father, saying that ‘the bad streak is in my blood’ and ‘I was born bad’, according to texts seen by the Sun on Sunday.The 27-year-old woman said Paddock, 64, would often rant about conspiracy theories including how 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government.The escort, who said Paddock paid her $6,000-a-time for their meetings, also had texts in which he described tying her up ‘while you scream for help’.

Source: Vegas prostitute says Stephen Paddock enjoyed violent sex | Daily Mail Online

Note that British media is instrumental in propaganda. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is for “legal” reasons or if Tavistock/MI6/GCHQ or whatever intelligence organization is responsible for a good portion of the story/narrative.

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