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On the one hand, U.S. Intelligence is so vast, has such reach and power, that they can organize and pull off the biggest shooting hoax (by # of victims) anyone’s ever seen. Coordinating tens of thousands of extras and support personnel. And they can do CGI like no one’s business. They can morph faces in real-time to the point that they’re almost indistinguishable from the real person.

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  1. xileffilex

    On the other hand… did you read the whole comment by Joki, [who was close to being banned by Mark some months ago?] Especially the last paragraph.
    Reads like gatekeeping to me.
    How are the 489 injured getting along, btw? [down from an initial 515/527/more than 530 of whom an alleged 172 are still in hospital….]

    it’s all BS And 59 is no great number of people to send off to new identities, it’s a standard ball park figure used over and over in the past decades.

    1. tokarski

      I had concerns about him, but you see his comments, right? I have only one person under a ban, Robert Francis I think he called himself. But the other side of that coin is that first-time commenters are automatically put in moderation, a really effective screening device. Here is a recent comment I ran by others … I thought it was fishy, they agreed. She called herself “Pbear:”

      Hey they fellow seekers of some sort of truth. I have been reading this blog for about a year now and have never posted anything. I thought you might find this a bit interesting. I received a call on Monday morning from my husband telling me that his bosses wife was at the concert in Las Vegas and was pretty messed up about the whole thing. I know her personally but have not been able to chat with her directly, but I did speak to her husband and he told me her experience. But first let me go back to the first night of the concert, when she hurt her foot and had to be put on crutches. One of the things she was so surprised about since she was one of the last people to leave was how much garbage there was laying around and how many drunk (passed out) people were on the ground after the show. On the second night of the show she ran into other friends from Alaska and one of them was the young man Adrian Murfit, he is listed as being killed on Sunday. My husband relayed this to me about 8am on Monday morning that Miss S said that he had been killed. She was not with him during the incident. Supposedly she heard gun shots and saw injured people on the attempted way out, she tripped and fell and some young 18yr old male layed down on top of her to protect her, they managed to get up and get to a car of a stranger and have them drive to a hotel. In her world this event was very real, and she is not an actor. What she saw and what she heard is up for discussion.
      Second person, my bestie was in Vegas a well, I called her to find out about her experience. She was not at the concert, but she offered her services and tried to volunteer to help since she is a nurse. And I am not sure who she spoke with, but they said we have it under control. I think we both thought that was weird with 560 people in need of medical attention. She mentioned that it felt like a ghost town on Monday morning. If I hear more details I will relay them. In conculsion, it seems that this might be a blend of fake and real, like others have mentioned. Its definitely not all staged as some may think.

      1. xileffilex

        HaHa, reads like a formulaic contribution from one of the many lower pay grade spooks who populate the icke forum.
        I haven’t wasted any time on LV, an average all-fall-down event under cover of darkness. The only interesting aspect is what happened to all the non-actors who were present. I guess they all scarpered leaving behind the nucleii of acting groups. The Boston Marathon was a much more satisfying and clever psy-op despite the low body count.

        1. tokarski

          To me LV is interesting … I broke these events down into two types, those with controlled sets where police prevented non-participants from wandering in … Waco, Columbine, Sandy Hook for example. Large events like Boston and Las Vegas have an intermingling of actors and innocent onlookers who unwittingly become participants. So one of our commenters noticed Fox reporting 300 concert-goers fleeing (for safety) to an airport one mile away (!) that just happened to be shut down for security reasons, and I thought bingo! There it is. They brought in 300 for crowd management and acting purposes, and then flew them out again, probably back to their bases. The only question, why did Fox report it? Media does not report news. I thought it could be that so many people became aware of this phenomenon that they had to create a cover story.

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