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Nuclear fraud shell game 

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Nuclear, nuclear power is a multilevel hoax. Most people don’t get past the fraud stories, which are themselves hoaxes.

The only part I believe is the money part. I am sure the numbers, gematrically occult, are close to true. 

According to the May 2014 report, OPG told contractor Black & McDonald to remove any costs for unforseen soil conditions from its bid for the facility. This was despite OPG believing there was a “high likelihood” contaminated soil would be found at the site, the report says. (Contaminated soil was eventually found and is one of the reasons OPG gives for the project’s current cost overruns.)


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K says ball earth sceptics need more schooling. 

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Truther trap

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It’s us against a trillion dollar entity in this psy-war. With such an uneven playing field, is it possible to win?

Paul says we have to adjust our strategy, since they are all the time. 

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