Nuclear fraud shell game 

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Nuclear, nuclear power is a multilevel hoax. Most people don’t get past the fraud stories, which are themselves hoaxes.

The only part I believe is the money part. I am sure the , gematrically occult, are close to true. 

According to the May 2014 report, OPG told contractor Black & McDonald to remove any costs for unforseen soil conditions from its bid for the facility. This was despite OPG believing there was a “high likelihood” contaminated soil would be found at the site, the report says. (Contaminated soil was eventually found and is one of the reasons OPG gives for the project’s current cost overruns.)…

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7 thoughts on “Nuclear fraud shell game 

  1. ricky

    Yeah, the dock washing up was heavily promoted as coming from Japan, they even had a crew from some “official agency” using propane torches to strip the mussels off the dock, although they weren’t wearing any protective clothing, LOL! My sentiments ran along the same lines as yours, I was convinced the media was just playing it down so as not to alarm the “sheeple,” which as it turned out I was still one!! Anyway I had become so cynical and fatalistic at that point, at my age (64) this location and lifestyle would be my last stand. This site and community has been a godsend and logical destination for authentic truth seekers. It’s become a lot simpler just concerning oneself with real issues, great insights TD.

  2. ricky

    Great post TD, We moved from SoCal to the OR coast in 2010, I’m a lifelong surfer still surfing here. I had woken up to a lot of bullshit by that time but was still on-board with the Fukushima “disaster.” I even considered moving to the southern “so called hemisphere” to escape “radiation poisoning.” It’s become so obvious now, no ill effects, no damage to the fishing industry, no massive debris piling up on these shores, it’s a relief to realize it’s all a fairy tale. The only “evidence ” of the “disaster” was a piece of a dock that washed up on Agate beach. Now I’m convinced it was towed up here from Crescent City, where the harbor suffered some serious damage. Agate beach is one of the most popular and accessible beaches in OR, it just so happened to wash up there, conveniently nothing was visible confirming it came from Japan.

    1. Terran Downvale

      Whoa, dude. As a surfer, you must’ve been totally freaking out! Weighing your passion for the waves against the dangers of bathing in radioactive soup. These fairy tales seek to ruin our love of life and, specifically in this case, a love of nature. Your surfing and my gardening. I remember getting really upset every time it rained for chrissake! Did the media actually say the dock was from Japan? LOL. Fuk-u-shima, indeed.

      I had “woken up” to some degree at that point too, but I still didn’t get the fakery element. I was reading the Godlike Productions forum a lot which definitely didn’t help! They were the ones telling me how the MSM was downplaying the danger and I believed them because they were quoting the “Alt Media” that was reporting the “real story” on Fukushima. Man, I had SO much to learn!

      And how’s this for a funny synchronicity. I was renting the house where I had the garden from an old couple that worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab! I dunno what exactly they did there but I think they were both “scientists” of some kind. If I’d only known what I know now, I would have really tried to get to the bottom of this nonsense. I remember the owner (who was a really nice guy) came by one day when I was working in the garden. I told him about my worries of the killer plumes and what not and I think he saw the genuine terror on my face. He got a little uncomfortable and then assured me those stories were probably just put out there to sell Geiger counters. I guess my thought should’ve been if he wasn’t worried with all his “expertise,” why should I be? But his words didn’t help. I was still scared. Just when I’d started to put it behind me a year or so later, I found a swollen lymph node on my neck and the terror struck me again! Turned out to be nothing, of course.

      1. Terran Downvale

        Here are a couple relics from my 2011 Fuku-terror days. If you were seriously considering moving to the southern hemi you may recognize them. Still unopened, of course. I keep them around as a reminder to never fall for this crap again. Maybe when Kim Jong-un “tests” his “Juche Bird” H-bomb I’ll pour some on the ground for all my sleeping homies.

  3. Terran Downvale

    Shortly before discovering media fakery, I completely fell for the Fukushima fear-mongering. Living on the U.S. West Coast, I was planning to plant my first vegetable garden in the Spring of 2011 only to be mind-raped by warnings of “radioactive plumes” floating in from the Pacific, dispensing deadly “fuel fleas” in the rainfall that would essentially turn my soil into a cancer-causing Cesium farm. I checked the Geiger counter readings on the Berkeley Labs website daily as they tested various crops for higher-than-normal radiation levels. I remember tilling the soil while wearing a dust-mask and reacting in horror when I saw that some dirt had managed to get inside the mask! I nearly gave up on my garden but figured I’d already inhaled enough fuel fleas that my body was a ticking time-bomb, so I might as well get one harvest in before my gruesome death. Well, I never got cancer and two years later, I discovered media fakery by way of the Boston Marathon bombing and quickly realized the mind-trick that had been played on me.

    Speaking of nukes, the North Korea “threat” has really gone into overdrive. I recently saw this story further pushing fear about the potentially dangerous consequences of an inevitable North Korea nuke test over the Pacific:…

    Note the caption for the animated mushroom cloud photo:

    “Nutmeg” nuclear test at Bikini Atoll on May 22, 1958. This surface blast was 25.1 kilotons, so 1.5 times stronger than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. North Korea’s alleged hydrogen bomb test in early September was 11 times stronger than Nutmeg. Image by NewsHour/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    The article even points out the potential “psyop” nature of nuclear contamination fears:

    “A lot of this is going to be more psychological than the radiological hazard,” Buesseler said. “Since you can’t smell or feel or taste the radioactivity, if people think even small amounts are in their food, they panic. Sometimes panic is the proper response, and sometimes it’s not needed if the levels are low enough.”

    And then we have this recent L.A. Times article (keyword “Pacific”) adding more fuel fleas to the fire:–pac…

    Note the possible subliminal wordplay in the interviewee’s name:

    Alson Kellen = All Soon Killin’?

    This article came out the day after as the first trailer for the monster movie Pacific Rim: Uprising:…

    The first Pacific Rim movie was about colossal monsters that emerged from an interdimensional portal on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This portal was called “The Breach” and the military Commander’s solution was to destroy it using a nuclear weapon.

    That same day, we had this story:…

    Which contained a couple of veiled references to fakery:

    Trump was equally coy on Friday in the Oval Office when he was asked again about the remark after he signed a proclamation about National Manufacturing Day.

    “I think that North Korea, Iran both continue to be bad actors and the president is somebody who’s going to always look for ways to protect Americans and he’s not going to dictate what those actions may look like.”

    With this fear-mongering follow-up:…

    And then yesterday, we had these two stories posted just 29 minutes apart setting the final stage for potential catastrophe:……

    The mind-games are piling on so aggressively that I can’t even keep up anymore! What will this all lead to? Possibly a phony Hydrogen-Bomb test by North Korea? That would certainly be easier to fake than an actual nuclear strike.

    EDIT: LOL, these news stories just came in through my “hydrogen bomb” Google News alert while I was typing the above post:………

    1. el sushi de la mancha

      HAHAHAHA/ Indeed ! We all gonna die pretty soon thats for sure , no need to pack and run let us enjoy our last.. insert whatever you like . LOL. I live in Japan and those stories are just bad scripts delivered by the Intelligence who is not playing its cards in a very intelligent way, i must say. but thats enough for most sheeople to buy this shitty propaganda.


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