Vegas bluff

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Miles deconstructs the banksters behind this Vegas-sized hoax.

The specific point of the Las Vegas hoax appears to be to install more body scanners and ramp up thepolice state another notch, making billions more for the already obscenely wealthy. But the longer goal of all these similar hoaxes is the creation of fear. They have been doing that for centuries, as we have seen. It has accelerated recently, simply because they are trying to squelch a revolution. The best way
to do that is to create even more fear. They want you to be afraid you will be sprayed with hollow point bullets by your own government, though I personally think that threat is hollow. Like these fake events, it is all a bluff. But since the bluff has always worked for them, I guess it doesn’t much matter.
They have been bluffing your parents and grandparents out of trillions of dollars for centuries, and it looks like they will continue to do it to you and your children.

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