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Vegas trauma drama

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We really don’t need a surgeon telling us that Vegas was a #HRDPAR, but it doesn’t “hurt”.

Dear Dr. Roberts: This note is in response to your invitation for medical professionals to comment on the LV shootings with respect to the authenticity of the publicly available videos and whether they prove or disprove that actual victims were injured or killed. I am a retired surgeon with experience in managing patients with massive blood loss in an operating room setting and in other in-hospital cases of marked hemodynamic instability from hemorrhage. The retired surgeon from Florida made many excellen

Source: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds – PaulCraigRoberts.org

via John Adams and Fetzer

No one talks more than Fetzer about psYops and conspiracy. He’s not happy that Miles Mathis makes the obvious conclusion (based on all the current psyOps) that the JFK event was hoaxed as well.

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