FAC375-More Vegas Chatter

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Full board of fakeologists: Ab, Delcroix, Notsofreemason, Typo, Napoleon Wilson, Tom Dalpra, Herose

In the last 20 minutes, I read from Miles Mathis’ latest piece on Las Vegas.

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2 thoughts on “FAC375-More Vegas Chatter

  1. ricky

    Great chat, nice to hear Rollo back, as someone fairly new to the site, (several months) it has rendered almost all of the sites I used to peruse, irrelevant. I have yet to come across a source other than Fakeology and Hoax busters treating this as a pure hoax. It’s a double edged sword, while it’s nice to be privy to a rare and accurate perspective, it doesn’t give me much hope for the future with all sources of information on lock-down.

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