CC23-Simon and rockets in a vacuum

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Still hasn’t topped our 9 hour FAC.

Thanks, everyone. Please let us know what you think of our latest monstrosity of an audio … an unprecedented 7 hours of meditations, including four new hours with a very special past guest! Issue 23: Hi, ‘Does Rocketry Work in the Vacuum?’

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23 thoughts on “CC23-Simon and rockets in a vacuum

  1. Bob Czz

    Weightlessness and vacuum DOESNT exist in space anyway. Its an old shill trick to say rockets don’t work in space because there is nothing to push against because of a vacuum. When in reality weightlessness and vacuum in space is 100% fabrication. I see this tactic being used A LOT in PSYOPS. They have you arguing over something that doesn’t exist in the first place….LOL

  2. John le Bon


    Thank you for your original research, and for taking the time to share your experience with Cluesforum in this thread.

    The reason I took the time to log in and post here is that I want you to know that you are far from the only person to have shared original, important research on Cluesforum and then been banned and/or victimised shortly afterwards.

    I have spoken about my own experiences with Cluesforum in the past. A few months ago Mr Shack extended an olive branch in the comments section of my YouTube channel. Although I have not made an attempt to return to Cluesforum, I remain cautiously optimistic that my victimisation in 2015 was an honest case of ‘jumping at shadows’, and that if we all had our time again, I would not be treated the way that I was.

    Having spoken with several individuals behind the scenes who have been similarly victimised at Cluesforum in the past, I can see why some people suspect there is something malevolent or suspicious taking place there. I won’t blame you if reject Mr Shack’s overtures in this thread.

    For me personally, I remain thankful for September Clues and some of the good info I found at Cluesforum when I first began seriously investigating media fakery circa early 2015. I also remain glad that I spent as much time promoting Cluesforum as I did; my way of showing gratitude for the benefits I gained.

    I have progressed now to the point where I feel my own research is eons ahead of anything available on the open web. If Cluesforum begin discussing (for just one example) the fact that ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Ancient Rome’ and ‘Ancient Greece’ are all modern inventions, I might return. Until then, I see Cluesforum as a stepping stone, one which is behind me, but which served an important and useful bridge in my progression.

    I can only hope that Mr Shack and his friends are sincere, and that people like yourself are truly welcomed back to the forum. There are not many places people can go to have serious discussions about media fakery with like-minded people.

    The more, the merrier.

    1. ab Post author

      Most disparate voices are welcome here. I may be less discerning but am happy to have others sort the good from the bad. Looking forward to your research on ancients JLB.

      1. John le Bon

        @Antipodean: I only scanned the first page of that thread so forgive me if I have misunderstood. I see that ‘Fomenko’ is in the title and appears to be a common element among the replies.

        Fomenko is a joke.

        What I am talking about is the primary source evidence we can find to verify the stories we are told about ‘ancient history’. Or, more accurately, the LACK of such evidence.

        Fomenko et al claim that history goes back thousands of years, they simply posit an ‘alternative timeline’. Their version suffers the same incredible flaw as ‘official’ history: it is not based on primary source evidence.

        Try this for yourself. Pick a prominent character from ‘ancient history’. Spend a few hours trying to find the oldest extant work of theirs available today. See how far back you can go.

        Ever seen the film Dark City? At a certain point in any serious researcher’s progression, he is going to discover what I have discovered about ‘history’. There are not many serious researchers out there, though, so for now I appear to be the only person putting this research together and presenting it.

        In the meantime, I often hear people talking about Fomenko. I’ll state this one more time: Fomenko is a joke.

        1. antipodean

          JLB, I don’t really care about Fomenko’s writings, I was just pointing out a Clues Forum thread that I knew had discussed, some of the ancient civilisations.

          I think most people on here wouldn’t take the Roman, Greek and Egyption civilisations to seriously. In the same way that most on here would be dismissive of the Biblical writings.
          I for one am only really interested in 20th century history and a few decades leading up to it.
          But I am mildly interested in some of the Greek philosophers and their take on life.
          Not really caring if they existed or not.
          Since the beginning time every system seems to have been based upon Master & Slave. In differing forms or degrees.

    2. boethius

      Well, John, I was interviewed by Michael Moore, the BBC and Cluesforum. The message I received from all three was to keep my mouth shut. Message received.

        1. boethius

          not only would that completely remove any anonymity but I’m not especially proud of my time on camera. The BBC video appears to have been pulled but the story remains online. Michael Moore, well that was a movie with a theatrical release and those things last forever.

      1. simonshack

        Well, Boethius: I find it sort of flattering (in a strange way) that you put Cluesforum on the same level as Michael Moore and the BBC. You see, my Cluesforum was founded on what you may call a ZERO budget (apart from my own, very modest personal savings) – whereas the emetic BBC organization and that obese Michael Moore clown are both enjoying the unlimited financial resources of the Nutwork. I am a totally independent researcher, with no affiliation with any interest group whatsoever. For you to put me in the same league as the two afore-mentioned entities is pretty lame. Yet, I thank you for doing so: it probably means that my humble, personal efforts are worth the billions of dollars invested by the Nutwork to run the BBC and Michael Moore show.

        Besides, I never (nor any other Cluesforum administrator) ever asked you to keep your mouth shut. However, if this is your impression, dear Boethius, please provide evidence for this.

        1. boethius

          Funny thing, I asked Michael why he made these movies. He told me he needed the money to put his daughter through college. A few years later his wife sues him for half of their $50 million dollar estate. I never felt comfortable around him, I never told him anything, well I told him a lot about other things which didn’t make it into the film but not the deep questions. I had the same experience with Cluesforum. I never spoke about what I really wanted to say, only a lot of stuff mostly about rockets, which I had hoped would build my credibility but I never got a solid enough feeling to move further. The BBC sent some junior producer and we ended up being silly, had fun. But at the end of the day I got questions that have questions and I’m still looking for someone who even knows the question much less the answer. I got spook markers on me that make your Bin Laden race car sticker look like a joke. Bigger players than him in this game are closer to me than he was to you. I didn’t go to Cluesforum for information. I went because I wanted to tell someone something specific. Most people freeze when I start talking about it. They start shaking and get this look in their eyes like their brain is shutting down so they can’t get the information. It may not be their fault or yours. Maybe I was there by accident. Maybe not. I look up my family name and there we are, European nobility going back to the Holy Roman Empire. Someone said you know Kissinger? My father had a research grant from Rockefeller University, had an office there. I used go with him. You can find monolith’s with my family name in D.C. I can’t tell if I’m Powers That Be, Perp or it’s just a coincidence. Except why was I there and why apparently, was I the only one who saw anything except the other guy with a crazier ast name than me.

        2. boethius

          More spook markers for me: of course I graduated from Columbia University. I’m a firsthand witness to 2 of the threads on your forum, both of which became major Hollywood features and I’m in a major picture. What are the odds? Plus I’m witness to a third event, the most famous clash between protestors and cops in the 80’s, I was there at the start saw the whole thing. I’m like to Forrest Gump of conspiracy. My uncle’s company analyzed the photos that gave us the “face on mars” boy is he against the gummit these days, holed up with his guns. I left the US 10 years ago, 3 flights away on a good day. Retired before 40. And then one day an idea pops into my head. Another funny think Michael Moore said to me, asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I told him nothing, I’m out. He wanted me to use my gifts in a more productive manner instead of being a senior exec for a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a global corporation. Didn’t think too much of the comment at the time but 10 years later here I am with ideas coming into my head I should have. Mathematical formulas I’m putting to work and using to make money. My old colleagues are pissed. You can imagine how much they hate to see someone drop off the face of the earth come back ahead of them. It’s not supposed to work like that and it’s very PTB/NWO. I didn’t study, do research or attempt to improve my skills. I wanted them to go away but they wouldn’t no matter how hard I tried. It’s not about the money of course, there’s something else in these formulas that might be of interest to the PTB. You can’t find witnesses because even the people who were there didn’t see anything. Me and this other guy saw something, actually he saw it and pointed it out to me. He’s living in the middle of nowhere too. I talk to some of the other people who were there with me and nobody even mentions it. It’s the most important thing in the world to you but it never even happened according to the witnesses. That’s to be expected. If you were there you’d understand. On the Internet, examining the evidence, it’s like “how could you not see!!!!” That’s the difference between real life and the Internet. They’re throwing money and opportunity at me, trying to get me to come back and maybe that’s a good thing because it hasn’t been the paradise that I expected here in the middle of nowhere. I greatly overestimated my ability to live a quiet life in a backwater. Well, this has been what Spalding Gray calls the “AA meeting” of palavers. Hope you enjoyed.

              1. boethius

                I’m a 9/11 witness Ab. Saw the whole thing from start to finish. That’s why talking to Michael Moore was so strange. I’m pretty sure he’s out of the loop. I wasn’t the only one looking that day but as far as I can tell only one other person saw anything. You can;t even imagine why that is. You didn’t see anything. Still haven’t. Neither has Phil or Simon or Miles or anybody. I was sure Simon knew and that’s why he pushed me away. Now I’m pretty sure none of you know anything. Yes, the mainstream media is an utter and complete lie but nothing said on any of your sites even approaches the truth. You’re not lying, you’re mistaken. You’ve convinced yourselves that you’re making logical deductions but it’s all fallacy. None of what you believe matches reality. Trust me. I was there. I kept waiting for one of you guys to use simple logic to see what would have been obviously wrong to a witness. None of you ever did. Probably never will. Because you had a hard time understanding my earlier ramblings I will finish with a clear statement: none of you guys are talking about the events of 9/11, all you are talking about is the media’s lie. Exposing the lie doesn’t lead you to the truth because beneath the lie is nothing. You are on a decades long search for nothing. But as you say, it is a hobby for you, a way to pass the time, so it doesn’t matter. The only other person who knows, who was staring out the window with me, is 10,000 miles away. Probably not a coincidence.

  3. boethius

    I am the person who started the thread on why rockets don’t work in the vacuum. It was my original research and investigation, found nowhere else on the net. I thought cluesforum would appreciate an actual scientist using actual science to expose the lies but, alas, I was banned from the forum in the middle of my exposition. I suspect there are some things even the people exposing the truth don’t want exposed. That’s fine with me. Good to see my research still out there tickling the minds of the curious.

    1. simonshack

      Dear Boethius,

      I honestly cannot recall that you were banned from Cluesforum. In fact, you are not listed in the forum’s banlist / archive. I also just tested out your ‘user permissions’ (it’s a function of the forum that allows me, as an administrator, to log in as “Boethius”) and everything seems to work just fine.

      So I just wished to inform you that you have never been banned from Cluesforum. If you have lost your password (and if that is the problem), please let me know – (mail me at simonshack[at] and I will make a new one for you. Unfortunately, we have a bug in our system that doesn’t allow members to reset their own passwords.

      Personally, I always highly valued your contributions at Cluesforum and I certainly have no issues with the same. If I well remember, the only disappointment / sore point I had with you was when you wrote (again, if my memory serves me well) some unfriendly words about Cluesforum (or about yours truly?) over at the Let’s Roll forums – headed by that dreadful Phil Jayhan clown.

      I’d be happy if this obvious mishap gets sorted out – and to see you contributing again at Cluesforum.


      Simon Shack

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